The one with the million dollar question

Thursday, July 25, 2013
When you have a baby there are questions you get asked a million times from friends, family and complete strangers. Luckily new parents love nothing more than to talk about their baby, so this is not a problem. "How old is he"..."What is his name"...and when your sweet baby has hair the color of a carrot, the next (or first) question is "Where did that red hair come from."

I think most of the time the person on the other side of the conversation expects me to say "from his dad." Which is partly true...but the genetic counselor part of me has to resist the urge to have a mini genetics lesson about recessive inheritance and the MC1R gene. I will spare you here (maybe a topic for another blog)...but ask me if you are interested. : )

Another likely question is "Who does he look like." I have yet to figure out how to answer this question. After studying both mine and Andrew's baby pictures I have yet to see an uncanny resemblance to either of us. Perry looks like, well, Perry. 

Maybe you can help us out...who do you think he looks like?

                                 Andrew as a baby                                      Kelly as a baby

And in case you haven't seen enough of this little face...Perry as a baby : )

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