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The one on the Gus Bus

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Happy Labor Day weekend. More importantly, Happy Gameday!

I imagine very few people are even reading this because it is gameday and you are far too busy driving to a college campus or nestling in on the couch in front of ESPN. No judgement here.

Andrew, Perry and I, and our good friend Kristen, are in Auburn this weekend to see our tigers play for the first time this season and the first time under with Gus Mahlzan with the reigns. Fingers, and toes, are crossed for a better year and a new era for Auburn football. We will see come 6 pm (cst) tonight if the "Gus Bus" can live up to its hype. I won't buy the T-shirt until he has at least won a game.

We spent a couple hours last night downtown shopping, sipping some lemonade, and looking around. Toomers corner is just not the same without the trees.

We went to Mike and Eds BBQ for dinner (Andrews favorite) and then headed to GiGi's house for the night.

With the kickoff being this evening, we are looking forward to a fun day on campus and hopefully finding a quiet dark alcove this afternoon for a certain someone to take a little nap.

War Eagle, y'all!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The one with Matt's Birthday

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
To add more fun to our Saturday, we got to have Andrew's parents and the Eckleys (sans Emily and Kate) over Saturday night to celebrate Matt's birthday which was Friday. Kate woke up Saturday not feeling well and coughing a ton. Even though she was feeling better by Saturday night, they did not want to take a chance on getting anyone else sick...especially Emily and Kate spent the evening at home. We got to facetime with them though during the party.

Andrew picked out a game to give Matt for his birthday. It is called King of Tokyo. Apparently it is a good family game and quick to learn and play. And the goal is to become the king of Tokyo. That is the extent of my knowledge and understanding of it. After birthday dinner and cupcakes, the boys decided to give it a shot. 

Perry wanted in on the action.

The boys played two rounds. 
Ben won both of them. 
Here is how everyone at the table felt about it. lol.

 One of the sweetest things is when Emily asked Ben about his favorite part of the night it wasn't beating the boys at the new game, it was getting to play with Perry. : ) Such a sweet bond.

Speaking of Perry. I think there are some new teeth about to make their debut. Evidenced by some not so subtle changes in diaper contents (we will leave it at that), drooling, chewing on anything he comes in contact with, and this little mouth thing he has started doing (see below). He has started sucking on his looks hilarious...but I am sure it gives him some kind of relief.

Happy Birthday Matt!

The one where Ben swam for babies

Monday, August 26, 2013
Saturday was a big day. Ben got to participate in "Swim for Melissa" for the first time. Swim for Melissa is a fundraising event for a local non-profit organization that supports our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Bunches of kids, like Ben, participate non-competitive swimming event and do fundraising to get sponsors ahead of time. Each group of kids then have five minutes to swim as many laps as possible.

It was a great day to be at the pool....well would have been better in the was HOT outside. We were all about to melt when we left about 11. Ben did awesome. He swam 6 laps (of a very large pool) and raised about $900 for the NICU (top in his group). Awesome job Ben!

I love how much Ben likes to interact with Perry (Perry loves it too). 
Before he swam, Ben came over for a pep-talk with P. 

Post-swim, getting his certificate for being the top fundraiser in his group (the Groovy Guppies 2)

P is probably yawning, but it looks like he is cheering Ben on. : )

Mommy and Perry. Don't mind the sweat...did I mention it was hot?

Pinterest Project of the Week: Gameday Schedule

Sunday, August 25, 2013
I was looking for an easy pinterest project to knock out today and satisfy my crafty side when I stumbled upon this little jewel. In honor of the college football season starting this week, and the fact that I definitely do not have our schedule memorized this year (there are more important things filling my what time Perry last had a bottle), I printed out a super cute (and free) pdf of Auburn's 2013 football schedule. And thanks to a trip to ikea last week, I had a frame just waiting to be put to good use.

You can find the printable schedule over at the Girl Meets Gameday Blog. I just printed it on plain ol' white printer paper and then trimmed it down to 8x10.

Pulling out some of our Auburn decor makes me have to resist the urge to go drag down our box of "fall" stuff from the attic. But considering it is still August and 80 something degrees outside, I think it can wait another week or two. However, a week from last night we will be sitting in Jordan-Hare with 87,000 friends hopefully cheering our Tigers on to a victory. War Eagle friends!

The one in Atlanta, part two

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Last Saturday, we hit up the Georgia Aquarium. It was awesome. We got there right when they opened at 9 am which was a good call after witnessing and comparing the crowd levels between when we got there and when we left. Perry (and us) had a great time looking at all the fish and other animals. It was a fun morning of exploration.

This is my favorite picture from the day, hands down. I love how P's red hair just glows (because of the other camera flash that was also going off...lucky coincidence...not mad photography skills) and how he is looking out into the water so intently.

Our favorite part of the aquarium is this room...with the huge glass wall....especially when these guys go swimming by.

Our good friend Kristen got to hang out with us for the day

It was an awesome, but tiring, morning of looking at the fish...

...and sea otters...

...and standing up like a big boy

...and having a family photo get photobombed by a scuba diver with a squeegy brush.

Perry was one tuckered out little boy by the time we left the aquarium. With tickets to admission you also get tickets to the live dolphin show for free. We almost didn't do it because we weren't sure if P would sit through it, but we went for it and were glad we did. The back story was a little (ok a lot) hokey (think song and dance musical about sea monsters, star whisperers, etc around a pool) but the actual dolphin parts were awesome. Perry watched most of it and did great sitting in our laps the whole time. But he fell asleep in Daddy's arms as soon as we stood up to leave and stayed asleep the whole walk out through the crowds.

After the aquarium, we were all starving. Since we were downtown, we went over to the Varsity for some lunch. Got to love their hot dogs, frozen orange drinks and these awesome hats.

After lunch we did a little more shopping at the local Ballard's outlet and went and got some coffee at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, the company that our church buys coffee from. The company buys coffee beans from farmers around the globe for fair market value (way more than most companies buy coffee beans for...allowing farmers to actually make a living). The coffee is super yummy and has awesome flavors too. I think Southern Pecan is my favorite. 

The one in Atlanta, part one

Sunday, August 18, 2013
After a busy summer and very little time off, we got to get away as a family this past weekend. Andrew got off work a little early Thursday afternoon and we loaded up the car and headed to Atlanta. We got to spend the whole weekend having fun as a family and visiting with our friend Kristen.

It was great getting there Thursday night (even though all we did was go to bed) so that we could hit the ground running (well more like shopping) Friday morning. Speaking of running...despite our best efforts none of that happened all weekend long. Kristen and I are both training for the Princess half marathon at Disney World in February. We get up at the same time several mornings each week to run and offer each other virtual encouragement and accountability. We had hoped to get a run in together but the incessant drizzle literally rained on that parade. Oh well.

Friday morning we met Kristen for breakfast at The Flying Biscuit Cafe not far from our hotel in Buckhead. It was yummy. We needed a big hearty breakfast to keep us going on our day of shopping. P experienced grits for the first time. He didn't quite know what to think about that texture. But he gobbled up some fresh peaches.

I am super jealous of Kristen living in Atlanta for all the stores she can shop at whenever she wants. We decided to make Friday a shopping day and we hit up Ikea and some of the nice malls. P was such a trooper through it all. He got very little in the way of naps...but just kept on going right along with us. He especially liked riding around in the Ikea shopping cart. We stocked up on frames, scrubber brushes (my favorite things to get there) and some other miscellaneous things.

Then Kristen and I went and walked around Phipps Plaza while Andrew took Perry back to the hotel to nap (briefly) then we all went to Lenox Square for some evening shopping and dinner. P got to try out some "Everywhere Chairs" at Pottery Barn Kids which Santa Claus may or may not be bringing him later this year...probably not one with a storm trooper on it though. :)

We were glad to be back in our room after a busy day and get some rest before our trip to the aquarium on Saturday. Perry slept great all weekend. One perk of traveling to the eastern timezone is the baby doesn't know about the change and sleeps "an hour later" in the mornings. Waking up and seeing 8:30 on the local clock is a wonderful thing.

The one with the competitive shopping

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Last night Andrew, Perry and I met up at the mall after I got off work. We had a free night as a family which are few and far we drew some date night ideas from our jar. We drew out "$10 shopping competition" and "wii tournament." So we had a pretty competitive evening...I think I "won" at shopping, while Andrew took my ego down a good notch with the wii.

We met at the mall and laid down some ground rules...50 minutes...$10 dollars (before purchase a gift for the other person. Goal being to see who can make their $10 go the farthest. And ready, set, go. Now Andrew will tell you he had the handicap of having the baby with him (excuses). When our 50 minutes were up, we met back in front of Chickfila for some dinner and to compare our finds.

Andrew found me a pair of super cute orange and blue chevron earrings (for $9.95) for the nearing football season. I love them. 

Let me just be on record saying there is not too much for guys at Parkway Place mall (especially for under $10). Girls are so much easier to buy for. Ok, enough of that soapbox. I was pleased to find Andrew a movie on sale ($6.99). We love Madagascar, especially the Penguins, so I thought he and P would have fun watching a movie all about them. Then I had 3 dollars left ($3.01 to be exact) and I was on a mission to use it somehow. I found myself in Williams and Sonoma and explained my predicament to the workers, who then made it their mission to help me spend $ a store that sells nothing cheap. They found these little Italian crackers that are usually almost $10, marked down to $4.99, and then did some kind of magic with the cash register to make them $1.35. So we got two. : ) Never hurts to ask for some help. If I did my math right, I then had 31 cents Andrew got a gum ball thrown in as well.

It was a super fun and non expensive way to spend an evening together (with P). Love that date night jar.

The one with the baby and the bride

Sunday, August 11, 2013
I got home late Friday night from a busy week in Mobile with work where we hosted a two day professional development workshop for high school life science teachers in the southern part of the state. I resisted the urge to go up and love on my sweet boy when I got home near midnight...but couldn't wait to go grab him as soon as he woke up Saturday morning and spend the weekend with him.

Saturday was a day full of showers. Perry and I both went to a baby shower for my cousin Mary Brantley and her husband Lee who are having a little boy or girl (to be determined) due in just 5 weeks. It was great to get to see them and celebrate with family and friends. One parent managing a baby at a party = no pictures taken.

Then Saturday night after Andrew got home and we did a baby pass off, I headed out to a wedding shower for my friend Rebecca. I hate that I am going to be in Anaheim the weekend of her wedding in October, but so glad I got to see her and celebrate with her ahead of time. It was an "Around the Clock" shower and so cute and fun. The food and drinks were awesome.

Rebecca and I were pledge sisters. Post party, we had to get the DG contingency together for some stereotypical photos. Love these girls! And Best Wishes Becca and Ross! You are going to be a beautiful bride Becca, and we can't wait to see pictures from the big day!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. After church today, Perry and I both came home and took long naps. Then we went to get pedicures with Adrienne (well mommy and Adrienne got pedicures while Perry squirmed around in our laps). Oh how babies change your life. 

After Andrew got off work we went to Longhorn for dinner with Adrienne and Chad while they waited for their repaired A/C to cool their house back down (August in Alabama is definitely not a good time for your air to go out). It was yummy and so good to catch up with them...there is so much going on in everyone's lives these days. Somehow I made it out of the house without a bib so we had to makeshift one out of a napkin. Oops. It worked just fine...I felt incredibly resourceful...and best part was after dinner I could leave it right there on the table.

PS - Perry's sweet green outfit today was Andrew's 29 years ago, and made by Mema. 
Love clothes with history.

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