The one in Atlanta, part two

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Last Saturday, we hit up the Georgia Aquarium. It was awesome. We got there right when they opened at 9 am which was a good call after witnessing and comparing the crowd levels between when we got there and when we left. Perry (and us) had a great time looking at all the fish and other animals. It was a fun morning of exploration.

This is my favorite picture from the day, hands down. I love how P's red hair just glows (because of the other camera flash that was also going off...lucky coincidence...not mad photography skills) and how he is looking out into the water so intently.

Our favorite part of the aquarium is this room...with the huge glass wall....especially when these guys go swimming by.

Our good friend Kristen got to hang out with us for the day

It was an awesome, but tiring, morning of looking at the fish...

...and sea otters...

...and standing up like a big boy

...and having a family photo get photobombed by a scuba diver with a squeegy brush.

Perry was one tuckered out little boy by the time we left the aquarium. With tickets to admission you also get tickets to the live dolphin show for free. We almost didn't do it because we weren't sure if P would sit through it, but we went for it and were glad we did. The back story was a little (ok a lot) hokey (think song and dance musical about sea monsters, star whisperers, etc around a pool) but the actual dolphin parts were awesome. Perry watched most of it and did great sitting in our laps the whole time. But he fell asleep in Daddy's arms as soon as we stood up to leave and stayed asleep the whole walk out through the crowds.

After the aquarium, we were all starving. Since we were downtown, we went over to the Varsity for some lunch. Got to love their hot dogs, frozen orange drinks and these awesome hats.

After lunch we did a little more shopping at the local Ballard's outlet and went and got some coffee at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, the company that our church buys coffee from. The company buys coffee beans from farmers around the globe for fair market value (way more than most companies buy coffee beans for...allowing farmers to actually make a living). The coffee is super yummy and has awesome flavors too. I think Southern Pecan is my favorite. 

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