The one where we celebrated Granna

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Today is Ann (Granna)'s birthday. Because I am out of town and their day will be taken up with chemo round no 5, we decided to celebrate a few days early. We had Andrew's parents over for dinner and a little party last Saturday night. 

Andrew grilled out skirt steak and we rounded it out with some couscous, asparagus and fruit. Simple, but yummy, and made for a really colorful plate.

For dessert, I made these mini cheesecake bites I found recently on Pinterest. They were so easy and delicious, not to mention made a goodly plenty. This will definitely go in the go-to list for party desserts. You make them in little mini cupcake pans with mini Nilla wafers in the bottom. Link to the recipe:

Perry was one happy camper to get to have Granna and Granddaddy over!
I think Perry looks a lot like his Granna in that picture...

Happy Birthday Granna! We love you!

Earlier on Saturday, we had Perry's 6-7 month photo shoot at our photographer's studio. Perry did so great. We can't wait to see the proofs! There was one minor mishap where P tumbled off a vintage suitcase...nothing some snuggles and a bottle won't fix. Then he turned it on for one more set. This picture was taken at the very which point he was pretty much over it...can't you tell?

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