The one with the baby and the bride

Sunday, August 11, 2013
I got home late Friday night from a busy week in Mobile with work where we hosted a two day professional development workshop for high school life science teachers in the southern part of the state. I resisted the urge to go up and love on my sweet boy when I got home near midnight...but couldn't wait to go grab him as soon as he woke up Saturday morning and spend the weekend with him.

Saturday was a day full of showers. Perry and I both went to a baby shower for my cousin Mary Brantley and her husband Lee who are having a little boy or girl (to be determined) due in just 5 weeks. It was great to get to see them and celebrate with family and friends. One parent managing a baby at a party = no pictures taken.

Then Saturday night after Andrew got home and we did a baby pass off, I headed out to a wedding shower for my friend Rebecca. I hate that I am going to be in Anaheim the weekend of her wedding in October, but so glad I got to see her and celebrate with her ahead of time. It was an "Around the Clock" shower and so cute and fun. The food and drinks were awesome.

Rebecca and I were pledge sisters. Post party, we had to get the DG contingency together for some stereotypical photos. Love these girls! And Best Wishes Becca and Ross! You are going to be a beautiful bride Becca, and we can't wait to see pictures from the big day!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. After church today, Perry and I both came home and took long naps. Then we went to get pedicures with Adrienne (well mommy and Adrienne got pedicures while Perry squirmed around in our laps). Oh how babies change your life. 

After Andrew got off work we went to Longhorn for dinner with Adrienne and Chad while they waited for their repaired A/C to cool their house back down (August in Alabama is definitely not a good time for your air to go out). It was yummy and so good to catch up with them...there is so much going on in everyone's lives these days. Somehow I made it out of the house without a bib so we had to makeshift one out of a napkin. Oops. It worked just fine...I felt incredibly resourceful...and best part was after dinner I could leave it right there on the table.

PS - Perry's sweet green outfit today was Andrew's 29 years ago, and made by Mema. 
Love clothes with history.

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