The one with the competitive shopping

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Last night Andrew, Perry and I met up at the mall after I got off work. We had a free night as a family which are few and far we drew some date night ideas from our jar. We drew out "$10 shopping competition" and "wii tournament." So we had a pretty competitive evening...I think I "won" at shopping, while Andrew took my ego down a good notch with the wii.

We met at the mall and laid down some ground rules...50 minutes...$10 dollars (before purchase a gift for the other person. Goal being to see who can make their $10 go the farthest. And ready, set, go. Now Andrew will tell you he had the handicap of having the baby with him (excuses). When our 50 minutes were up, we met back in front of Chickfila for some dinner and to compare our finds.

Andrew found me a pair of super cute orange and blue chevron earrings (for $9.95) for the nearing football season. I love them. 

Let me just be on record saying there is not too much for guys at Parkway Place mall (especially for under $10). Girls are so much easier to buy for. Ok, enough of that soapbox. I was pleased to find Andrew a movie on sale ($6.99). We love Madagascar, especially the Penguins, so I thought he and P would have fun watching a movie all about them. Then I had 3 dollars left ($3.01 to be exact) and I was on a mission to use it somehow. I found myself in Williams and Sonoma and explained my predicament to the workers, who then made it their mission to help me spend $ a store that sells nothing cheap. They found these little Italian crackers that are usually almost $10, marked down to $4.99, and then did some kind of magic with the cash register to make them $1.35. So we got two. : ) Never hurts to ask for some help. If I did my math right, I then had 31 cents Andrew got a gum ball thrown in as well.

It was a super fun and non expensive way to spend an evening together (with P). Love that date night jar.

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