The one with Matt's Birthday

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
To add more fun to our Saturday, we got to have Andrew's parents and the Eckleys (sans Emily and Kate) over Saturday night to celebrate Matt's birthday which was Friday. Kate woke up Saturday not feeling well and coughing a ton. Even though she was feeling better by Saturday night, they did not want to take a chance on getting anyone else sick...especially Emily and Kate spent the evening at home. We got to facetime with them though during the party.

Andrew picked out a game to give Matt for his birthday. It is called King of Tokyo. Apparently it is a good family game and quick to learn and play. And the goal is to become the king of Tokyo. That is the extent of my knowledge and understanding of it. After birthday dinner and cupcakes, the boys decided to give it a shot. 

Perry wanted in on the action.

The boys played two rounds. 
Ben won both of them. 
Here is how everyone at the table felt about it. lol.

 One of the sweetest things is when Emily asked Ben about his favorite part of the night it wasn't beating the boys at the new game, it was getting to play with Perry. : ) Such a sweet bond.

Speaking of Perry. I think there are some new teeth about to make their debut. Evidenced by some not so subtle changes in diaper contents (we will leave it at that), drooling, chewing on anything he comes in contact with, and this little mouth thing he has started doing (see below). He has started sucking on his looks hilarious...but I am sure it gives him some kind of relief.

Happy Birthday Matt!

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