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The one at the pumpkin patch

Monday, September 30, 2013
Wisdom tooth extraction went quite smoothly Friday. We were in and out and home by 9 am. I was pretty groggy most of Friday morning, but have not had to deal with too much in the way of pain and swelling. I don't sit (or lay down) well or for long, so we had a fun weekend despite the stitches in my mouth. We are so incredibly grateful for Ann and Gary keeping Perry Thursday night and most of Friday (and for the white chicken chili they brought over with Perry Friday evening).

Saturday morning we got to go to Ben's soccer game and got to see him score a goal! So proud of him!

Perry hung out in the shade of Granddaddy's hat

Then we came home for lunch and a nap before heading out for a family outing at the pumpkin patch. We went to Tate Farms and had a great time meeting the animals, sipping some lemonade, and picking some pumpkins (and mums). And taking some pictures. Lots of pictures. We had a great time. 

I love white pumpkins!

My sweet boys!

Andrew really liked the "angry bird" hay bales

Oh the pumpkins!

Perry was enamored by the bunny rabbit

It must be strange to stand next to a pumpkin almost as big as you are. Perry was so curious and intrigued by them and their stems. And mistook them for a jungle gym.

I love that sweet boy so much! It is so fun taking him places and helping him explore the world.

Pinterest Project of the Week: Candy Thank Yous

Sunday, September 29, 2013
While packing for our Disney cruise, I wanted to pack a little something extra to give in addition to monetary tips to our room stewards, servers, nursery workers, and everyone else who helps to make the trip a little extra magical. There are lots of things I have read about people giving from calling cards to snacks. From what I have read, even with all the amazing food on board the ship, cast members have to purchase candy and other treats for themselves. So I thought they might enjoy some supplementary candy to brighten their day.

I found these great printable tags here. The site had lots of options of sayings that went along with popular candy brands. So they do all the clever thinking for you. I just resized them down to 2''x2'' because I thought they were a tad too big, printed them out on some cardstock, cut them out and attached them to their respective candy bars with some twine.

Voila, super cute "thank yous" to take on the trip. Not to mention way more budget friendly.

The one with Perry's first sleepover

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Twas the night before...
wisdom tooth surgery...
and all through the house, 
not a creature was stirring, 
not even a mouse 
(atleast gosh I hope not).

As I sit here writing this, there is no baby sleeping soundly upstairs, and no monitor blinking next to me. It feels a good way. Tonight is a big night. Perry is having his first sleepover...with Granna and Granddaddy. Ann and Gary were so awesome to offer to keep Perry tomorrow while I have wisdom tooth surgery and offered for him to spent the night with them beforehand since we have to report to the doctor's office at 7:15 am. 

I took Perry over this evening. Granna and Granddaddy were sitting outside waiting for him when we pulled up. I am praying Perry is his usual good sleeper for know so he will be invited back for another sleepover one day. :) They had grilled out some steak for dinner and shared some with was awesome...not sure I will be eating the likes of steak for a few days. 

I said bye-bye to P and came home to get some much needed house work done. Last update I got, P was sound asleep after a bath.

Oh and in other P news - he has learned a new trick this week - "high-fives." It is just precious.

Tomorrow, by about 8 am, I will have two fewer teeth and hopefully not too much pain. Prayers appreciated. Night y'all!

The one with the football feast

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Our tigers been blessed with all night games thus far in the football season. This has worked out well on weekends where Andrew has to work, because he can make it home to watch the game. This past weekend we had Travis and Gina over to watch our Auburn Tigers take on those other tigers from LSU and eat enough food that we no longer cared about the outcome of the game. Not really...we always care...but peanut butter balls and apple dip take the edge off a little bit.

We got a bunch of wings from Moes BBQ and whipped up some sides of mac and cheese, apple dip, cheese dip, fries, and peanut butter balls. Not sure who all we were making that food for...we could have fed about 15 more people. But it was yummy. And required a re-gathering after church Sunday for leftovers.

Auburn boys. Perry is wearing a little outfit that says "I watch Auburn football with my daddy," which Andrew wore when he was little (and watching Auburn football with his daddy).

Travis and Perry

The game did not go well. It was rainy and gross down in Death Valley which wreaked some havoc on our boys ability to throw, catch, punt and all the other tasks integral to the game of football. We did atleast score a couple of touchdowns and were beginning to rally towards the end. Our tigers definitely did not give up which was encouraging to see. 

We pulled out Perry's walker activity toy for the first time while we were watching the game. He really likes playing with it but will require a little more practice before he can really use it as a walker. It is the perfect size for him right now though.

Lastly, I saw these cute little acorn snacks in a magazine last week and decided to try them out. How cute are they? And so easy to make with just a hershey kiss, mini nutter butter cookie, and chocolate chip. All you have to do is melt some chocolate (I just melted some chocolate chips) and dab a little between each piece. Voila.

Mmm. Peanut butter and chocolate. There is no better combination.

The one with the boot socks and a date night

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Its beginning to feel a lot more like autumn outside. This is a fantastic thing in my book. I love everything about fall...two pump pumpkin spice lattes, leaves, crisp evenings, pumpkin candles, pumpkin pie, pumpkin...everything. And the permission to wear boots. And these really cute boot socks by Grace and Lace I was introduced to a couple weeks ago over on the BigMama blog.

The temperature got below oh 80 degrees this week so I deemed it was (mildly) appropriate to break them out. Meanwhile, one of my co-workers looked at the same weather forecast and confused September with the likes of April. We are totally in that weird in between weather time when you never quite know how to dress...and two people in one office can show up dressed like this.

Yesterday evening Andrew and I got to have a long overdue date night. Yes it was Monday. But when you are married to a pharmacist, you take 'em when you can get 'em. Ann graciously offered to come over and keep Perry for the evening so we could get out and have some fun together. We decided to go eat dinner and play trivia at Blue Pants Brewery out in Madison. It was a little drive, but well worth it, considering my smarty pants husband won at trivia (and it was all him...I am totally useless at trivia) and we got our food free. Our odds were also increased by the fact that there were only 3 teams playing.

We did a pretty good job of talking about grown up stuff all night, and not about what Perry had eaten or whether Perry had pooped that day. We had a great time.

We named our trivia team "Hey, Where's Perry." Even though we knew exactly where Perry home being loved on by his Granna.

Speaking of Granna...I absolutely love this photo I snapped of Granna and her grandkiddos in the lobby of church Sunday morning. Sweet smiles.

The one with the casseroles, chocolates and chickfila

Thursday, September 19, 2013
We have had a pretty low key week. Monday evening Perry and I went over and spent some sweet time with my grandmother after work. We hosted lifegroup Tuesday night and I got to use these little mini casserole dishes I got recently for the first time. They are little mini chicken pot pies. They look way fancier than they is just the easy bisquik recipe. But we had to fit a lot of veggies into the dinner menu since Travis (and Gina) were out of town and Travis has an aversion to all things colorful and healthy.

Jay and Perry at lifegroup. Being good sports and showing that friends are more important than the outcome of a football game. :)

Yesterday after work and after I picked up Perry from Julia's (the sweet lady we met at church who is keeping him 1-2 days per week for us), we went and met up with our friend Kim and her boys Coleman and Barrett at Chickfila for some dinner. Barrett and Perry discussed their days and solved the world's problems in baby talk while Kim and I caught up on life. I tried to get some pictures of the boys...and this is the best I could get.

After dinner we went back to Kim's house to let the boys play a little bit. Coleman was so sweet with Perry. He shared all his toys with him and was excited to show him how everything worked. I can't believe how big all three boys are getting.

I had a work meeting yesterday at Lowe Mill and got introduced to this amazing little chocolate shop there called Pizzelle's that makes chocolates that look too pretty to eat. Although after I admired them for a couple hours and took a picture to remember them by...I didn't let that stop me. Yummy.

Other than cooking dinner, eating chocolate and impromptu play dates, there is not too much exciting going on this week. This is a welcomed thing. We are looking forward to a weekend at home with not too much on the agenda, except crossing every finger and toe that I have during the Auburn/LSU football game.

The one with the MagicBand arrival

30 days from today we we will be boarding a Disney cruise ship and sailing off into the caribbean for a week. We cannot wait. It is definitely time to kick packing and preparation into high gear, especially since I will be out of town the whole week before we go. I have an October 4th deadline for myself for getting us all packed. And if it would ever get cool and fall-like outside, I could wash and pack our shorts/summer clothes...but alas it is a high of 88 today. We got our documents last week and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our MagicBands.

We are going to stay at Walt Disney World a couple days before the cruise and just happened to pick resorts well and picked one that was participating in the early testing of the MagicBands.

MagicBands are essentially the new "key card" for Disney World. They get you in your hotel room, work like a credit card, get your fast passes, and are your tickets to the park...all with a swipe of the wrist. Sounds awesomely simple. And slightly creepy...but mostly awesome.

The bands finally came today. We were able to go online a couple weeks ago and pick our colors. Our names are even printed on them.

Even Perry has a MagicBand. They say one size fits all...but I am not sure they meant 9 months in their "all." 

Thanks Disney! We can't wait to come visit next month and try them out.

The one during Entrench

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
This post is actually a bit overdue. I started it and then it somehow got buried in my blogger. To follow up on yesterday's work post ( was a post about decorating a computer keyboard with washi tape masquerading as a post about work) I wanted to share a little more about what we actually do at work. 

Each August the Educational Outreach team at HudsonAlpha has a week-long planning retreat. We actually did all of our work and planning within the walls of the Institute, so it became more affectionately known as "Entrench." During the week we discuss projects, goals and plan out our next year of educational programming. It is a busy week. We also take time each year to look back over all we accomplished the previous year...and fill a glass jar with beads. Each bead represents a person who was reached through one of our programs, whether they downloaded one of our educational apps or attended our two week intensive summer residential academy for teachers. The size of each bead roughly correlates with how much time we spent with the individual.
This was this past year's bead jar:

That is 271,237 beads!

We also calendar out all of our programs, travel and activities over the next 18 months. Our educational activities span the lifespan from an elementary school cells exhibit at SciQuest, middle school curriculum and summer camps, high school hands-on classroom kits and summer internships, teacher academies and professional development, digital activity/app development, to public courses and events. And about a hundred other things.

I have the best co-workers. We work hard and stay incredibly busy, but have a lot of fun doing what I think are some of the best jobs on the planet. Here we are on the last day of retreat doing our best "Surprise Sue" impression wearing our team t-shirts our boss had made. We were a little tired and loopy by this point in the week.

...the backs of the shirts, our numbers are the order of hire.

However, most of the time we want to put a more serious foot forward. 

One of the reasons I decided to be a genetic counselor was my love of education and genetics. I would have never dreamed five years ago that I would find a job where I could be involved with teaching genetics on a daily basis to a wide variety of audiences. Blessed.

Team Gary: Chemo no 8

Please keep Andrew's parents in your prayers today a Gary has chemo #8. That is 2/3 the way through the tough regimen. Pray for them as they spend the bulk of their day at CCI and for the doctors and nurses that will be tending to them. And pray that the chemo continues to do it's job and attack those misbehaving cells.

Thanks so much and Happy Hump Day!

The one with the washi tape facelift

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
We moved our offices across the building at work a few months back. It was right before the summer...which if you know me...means the busiest time of the year work-wise. With the move, I went from having a cubical like workspace to my own office. It has been nice to have more personal work space (and being able to listen to my 90's pandora station without headphones), but I do miss working a few feet from all my awesome coworkers.

I had very little time this summer to do anything but sit at my desk and time for really settling in and decorating. I still have lots of blank wall space I need to do something about...but I did take a few minutes this week to add some personal touches and some washi tape. I love washi tape...and am just learning about all the things you can do with it.

Like add a little strip to dress up the spacebar on your keyboard.
I can't take credit for this idea. It is unashamedly borrowed from this post on IHeart Organizing.

Or use it to make pretty dividers on a whiteboard to make notes for different projects

I am a nerd when it comes to office supplies. I found this awesome notepad in a shop in Auburn last weekend. It says "Get your ducks in a row" across the top which is too cute. I am incredibly excited that come a few weeks from now there will be a shop in Huntsville where I can get things like this. :) More on that later.

I fell in love with this frame on some other blogs and was excited to find that it is from Target. Then printed out one of my favorite quote pictures to go in it. Makes me happy to look at it all day long. Also love my coasters and candy dish from anthropologie.

I am a firm believer that having a comfortable, organized and happy workspace makes you a million times more productive. And if you are going to spend 40+ (32+ in my case) hours in a room, you should love it.

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