Pinterest Project of the Week: Gameday Snacks

Monday, September 2, 2013
My day off last week just happened to coincide with the first day of college football. Perry and I went over to our friends Adrienne and Chad's house for dinner and to watch the first games. There is just something inherently exciting about college football, no matter who is playing. And honestly, it is better on my heart for me not to have a vested interest in the outcome of the game. Being an Auburn fan takes years off of a life.

Anyway, back to Pinterest. While P napped Thursday afternoon I decided to do a little football/fall inspired baking. 

Left: Pecan pie bars (recipe here). They were really good, evidenced by the fact that all the leftovers went to clinic with me the next day and were devoured before lunch. Much more crunchy than an actual pecan pie, but that is a-ok with me.

Top right: OK, this is not exactly a pinterest recipe, or a recipe at all. But I had some extra dipping chocolate and some honey pretzel sticks from trader joes. Anything dipped in chocolate = yummy.

Bottom right: Chocolate dipped strawberry "footballs." I saw this on pinterest but there again...don't need a recipe. Just milk/dark chocolate and white chocolate and some strawberries. I used a toothpick to draw on the white "laces." Although a icing piping back or a ziploc would also probably work well. 

So excited about fall. It has so many great excuses to cook, bake and have a party!

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