The one where the diaper failed us

Monday, September 2, 2013
This post is a little overdue. Mostly because I needed a little time to remove myself from the situation and the horror of it all before I sat down and documented the experience.

Perry is going to love this blog one day I am sure. 

About a week ago it was a typical Sunday afternoon. P and I got home from church and he had a nap. Then he woke up. I am not totally clear about the order of events but something else terrible happened during that period and this is what I found when I went to get him from his nap.


No, that is not chocolate. Yes, it is poop. All over the sheets, bumper, crib, stuffed cat, and (unpictured) baby. This picture is taken after the baby who was covered head to toe in poop (and his momma) got an impromptu bath. Priorities.

After a quick "phone a friend" text to the expert mother-in-law, the bedding got doused in stain removed, striped and washed in the hottest water I could find. And amazingly everything came out like new. Even stuffed kitty. I was 100% sure the outfit perry was wearing that day was a goner, and had come to acceptance of that fact, but the aforementioned mom was able to get it like-new too. (Thanks Ann...your amazing). 

Epic diaper fail. 

This was one exhausted momma by the end of Sunday afternoon when Andrew got home from work (did I mention he missed the whole thing? Lucky duck). 

Motherhood is hard. And gross. But I love it.

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