The one where Perry turned 8 months old

Friday, September 6, 2013

Perry (aka Pear Bear),

You are eight months old already. Where has the time gone? We have spent some time this last week looking at pictures from when you were a little and it feels like just yesterday you were a newborn...nursing, getting changed 10x a day, sleeping in a miracle blanket, mommy and daddy struggling to get you to stay awake (oh how times change)...wearing those tiny little clothes. Ok enough reminiscing because that could take all day. Here are a few things you have been up to this month.

  • The thing you like to do the most is smile. You make friends with everyone you see and know how to light up a room (and get all the attention quickly onto you). You have the sweetest smile, and laugh. Oh my soul, your laugh is precious.
  • You can quickly pull up onto your feet. You used to be really timid doing this but not any more. You pull up on anything...even things that are less than sturdy. You are beginning to cruise along furniture or holding our hands. Taking bets on how long before we have some independent steps.
  • You are one BUSY boy! And getting into everything. You found the stairs today...officially time for a baby gate.
  • It has been fun to watch you explore and figure out the world around you. You can almost see your brain working as you try to figure out how to open a cabinet or get something that is just outside of your reach.
  • Tooth #3 (and the first top one) is just about to break through, you can see the white under a thin layer of gum.
  • Your least favorite activities are getting your diaper changed and getting dressed. Anything that requires you to be still for any length of time. :)
  • You are an awesome eater. I haven't found anything you won't eat. In the beginning we thought you didn't like green beans/ you will eat them like a champ. You are eating a lot more now. We feed you cut up pieces of fresh fruit and some bites of table food from our plates. You eat three meals of "solid-ish" food each day.
  • You love to snack on puffs. You have awesome fine motor skills in getting little bits of food to your mouth.
  • Based on watching you eat...I have money (well not really, more just bragging rights) on you being right handed.
  • You are still a great sleeper. You go to bed about 8:15-8:30 pm and sleep until 6:30-7 each morning.
  • Your favorite toys are rattles, sophie the giraffe, stuffed animals to cuddle with in bed...and anything that will fit in your mouth. You also love playing with nontraditional toys like empty water bottles, wipes containers, etc.
  • You are learning how to clap and wave...and it is so cute to see you are still working on the whole controlling your arm motions thing. You have "drumming on a table" down pat though.
  • No words yet, but you are babbling more and more and making consonants.
  • You were healthy this month, no fevers, runny noses or trips to the pediatrician. You will see Dr. Ellis again this time next month for your 9 month well visit.
  • You went to your first Auburn game (well real Auburn game...A day doesn't count). And went to Atlanta for the first time. You do great traveling and still fall asleep easily in the car.
You are changing and growing each and every day. And we are having a blast watching you grow up and being your parents. Bring on month no 9! 

We love, love, love you!
Mommy and Daddy 

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