The one where we went 3 and 0

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It is 3 weeks into the college football season and we have already equalled our win total from last year...and exceeded our SEC win total. Man we were bad last year.

I have a feeling that winning streak will end this next weekend in Death Valley, but until then we can walk around with an undefeated swagger. And who knows...crazier things have happened than an underdog beating LSU.

It was a perfect football weekend on the plains. The weather was awesome. Still a little warm, but no humidity and the shade and fall breezes made it more than tolerable. And once the sun went down for the game it was perfect.

We met up with Travis and Gina late Friday afternoon on campus to scout out our tailgate and parking spots. We learned a lot about how that all goes down. We got spots reserved and found a great little patch of grass to tape off by the library. We had plenty of cars, so just for good measure we left one on campus overnight saving our spots.

Saturday morning we got out on campus about 10:30 and set up our tailgate. Some of Travis and Gina's college friends joined in on the tailgate action too. 2 tents, tables, chairs, tv, satellite dish (thanks to Travis's boss), generator, fan, and lots of food. We were set. And glad to have cars parked nearby so we didn't have to lug all that stuff across campus.

Not too shabby for a first tailgate

We spent all afternoon eating, chatting and watching the other games of the day. It was really nice to be able to just chill and not be walking around all day. 

Left: Perry, 11 am; Right: Perry, 3 pm

Oh my soul, how cute is P in his very own tiny tailgate chair? 

Dr. Wit saw a tailgate picture I posted on Facebook and let us know that COSAM (college of science and mathematics) was having a tailgate Saturday afternoon. So we wandered over there briefly to say hello and see some friendly faces of professors, advisors and peers. Social media at its best.
Perry got to meet Dr Wit

We lowered the tent, took the valuables to the cars and headed towards Jordan-Hare about 5 pm. Our seats were already in the shade when we got to them which was fabulous.

Perry did awesome and made it almost to the bitter end, awake. We left with just a couple minutes left so we would not have to sit in traffic for 2 hours getting out of Auburn and back to Lafayette. Auburn scored the winning touchdown as we were walking away. War Eagle! Such a great game!

And such a great weekend. So glad to see Auburn win some games in person after last season. And hang out with sweet friends (and make some new ones). War Eagle! 3-0! Keep the Gus Bus moving! :)

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