The one with the casseroles, chocolates and chickfila

Thursday, September 19, 2013
We have had a pretty low key week. Monday evening Perry and I went over and spent some sweet time with my grandmother after work. We hosted lifegroup Tuesday night and I got to use these little mini casserole dishes I got recently for the first time. They are little mini chicken pot pies. They look way fancier than they is just the easy bisquik recipe. But we had to fit a lot of veggies into the dinner menu since Travis (and Gina) were out of town and Travis has an aversion to all things colorful and healthy.

Jay and Perry at lifegroup. Being good sports and showing that friends are more important than the outcome of a football game. :)

Yesterday after work and after I picked up Perry from Julia's (the sweet lady we met at church who is keeping him 1-2 days per week for us), we went and met up with our friend Kim and her boys Coleman and Barrett at Chickfila for some dinner. Barrett and Perry discussed their days and solved the world's problems in baby talk while Kim and I caught up on life. I tried to get some pictures of the boys...and this is the best I could get.

After dinner we went back to Kim's house to let the boys play a little bit. Coleman was so sweet with Perry. He shared all his toys with him and was excited to show him how everything worked. I can't believe how big all three boys are getting.

I had a work meeting yesterday at Lowe Mill and got introduced to this amazing little chocolate shop there called Pizzelle's that makes chocolates that look too pretty to eat. Although after I admired them for a couple hours and took a picture to remember them by...I didn't let that stop me. Yummy.

Other than cooking dinner, eating chocolate and impromptu play dates, there is not too much exciting going on this week. This is a welcomed thing. We are looking forward to a weekend at home with not too much on the agenda, except crossing every finger and toe that I have during the Auburn/LSU football game.

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