The one with the nickname

Thursday, September 5, 2013
When we were naming Perry we agonized about what people would call him and nicknames. To be honest I had way too many sleepless nights plotting ways to avoid anyone calling him PJ (no offense to all the PJs in the world...your name is lovely...I just didn't want my kid called that...).

Nicknames and abbreviations are a fact of life though. And during all those sleepless pregnant nights, I would have never guessed what Perry's baby nickname would be. 

Pretty sure Emily coined it, days after he was born. And it has since caught on in the family.

This weekend we walked into Andrews parents house for family breakfast and Kate came running,


Then a few seconds later,

"Hey, PB"

What can you do. PB is a serious step up from PJ (at least in my mind).

Pear Bear is pretty stinking cute though. And precious coming from Kate's mouth.

We love you Pear Bear!

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