The one with Perry's first sleepover

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Twas the night before...
wisdom tooth surgery...
and all through the house, 
not a creature was stirring, 
not even a mouse 
(atleast gosh I hope not).

As I sit here writing this, there is no baby sleeping soundly upstairs, and no monitor blinking next to me. It feels a good way. Tonight is a big night. Perry is having his first sleepover...with Granna and Granddaddy. Ann and Gary were so awesome to offer to keep Perry tomorrow while I have wisdom tooth surgery and offered for him to spent the night with them beforehand since we have to report to the doctor's office at 7:15 am. 

I took Perry over this evening. Granna and Granddaddy were sitting outside waiting for him when we pulled up. I am praying Perry is his usual good sleeper for know so he will be invited back for another sleepover one day. :) They had grilled out some steak for dinner and shared some with was awesome...not sure I will be eating the likes of steak for a few days. 

I said bye-bye to P and came home to get some much needed house work done. Last update I got, P was sound asleep after a bath.

Oh and in other P news - he has learned a new trick this week - "high-fives." It is just precious.

Tomorrow, by about 8 am, I will have two fewer teeth and hopefully not too much pain. Prayers appreciated. Night y'all!

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