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Monday, October 28, 2013

Friday, October 18th. We had a whole day to play at the Magic Kingdom. We didn't attempt to do all the rides, our agenda was pretty simple. Just have fun and explore.

Perry woke up at 4 am crying and wouldn't go back to sleep. Maybe it was sleeping in an unfamiliar pack and play, or the lack of naps the day before, or maybe he was just too excited for his first trip to the Magic Kingdom. Regardless...we were up and at 'em early...earlier than we would have liked. But how can you be mad at this face at any time of the day?

We had a breakfast reservation for the Crystal Palace inside the Magic Kingdom at 8:45. Have it be known that the Magic Kingdom did not actually open until 9 am this day. One of the best tricks I have learned is to book a dining reservation for a restaurant in a park before the park opens and they will let you in the park early. I knew that the Crystal Palace opened for breakfast at 8, and they let us in at 8:15 even though our reservation technically wasn't for another 30 minutes. As long as your reservation is before park opening you can get in really early. Granted, no shops or rides are open...but it is really cool to walk down Main Street and up to the castle without the crowds...and it is fantastic for getting pictures.



The Crystal Palace's breakfast is a character meal, with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. This was P's first real experience with characters (aside from a brief visit with Aubie a couple months ago), but he did great. He loved looking at them and touching their fur. Pooh was really jumpy...not sure what that was about...but everytime P would touch him he would jump all of the Pooh pictures are a little blurry. Food was good, a pretty standard Disney breakfast buffet. But the atmosphere, servers and meeting the characters were great.

Mickey waffles...breakfast of champions

After breakfast our first stop was the Main Street Harmony Barber Shop. P was in dire need of a haircut, and where better to have it than at the Magic Kingdom? I called a few weeks prior and was told that they were booked out and that they likely would not be able to take "walk-ins," despite what it says on the web. But getting his haircut was pretty much our one goal of the day and we were willing to wait if that is what it would take. When we got there we were told the wait was long, like an hour and a half, for which the cast member apologized...but then went on to explain that we didn't have to stay and wait...that we could go enjoy the park and come back in an hour and a half. To me that is an appointment, not a wait...but either way it was great. We came back a little while later and they were able to cut his hair right away. It was an awesome experience. The barbers were great at keeping kids entertained and being quick with the scissors. We were explicit that we just wanted his hair cleaned up a little (out of his eyes/ears, and rid of the beginning mullet), and they did just that. 



Best of all the haircut, certificate, mouse ears (with "my first haircut" on the back) and his hair trimmings tied in a little bag for just $18. Might be one of the best bargains in all the "world."

While we were waiting on P's hair appointment, we went and rode the new double dumbo. So fun! It was Perry's first real ride.

P was tuckered out after the haircut and took a snooze in his carseat in an air conditioned store while Andrew and I took turns riding space mountain. Oh and I found these awesome chocolate covered fruit skewers at the Big Top Souvenirs. It is fruit so it has to be healthy right?!?


Throughout the rest of the day we strolled around the park, ate lunch at the Columbia Harbor House, and rode a few more rides (Pirates, Haunted Mansion, etc). It was incredibly hot for October so we tried to stick with indoor stuff as much as possible. We did run into our favorite pair of chipmunks in Adventureland and stopped for a photo op.

By mid afternoon P was ready for another nap, so we headed back to the hotel for some rest and a light dinner. Then we took some time to walk around the resort, take a dip in the wade pool, and check out the animals on the savannah. It was dusk so the pictures aren't stellar, but we got to watch the cast members feed the giraffes and zebras which was really cool.

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