The one when it's ok to use the men's room

Saturday, October 12, 2013
Day 4 of NSGC. And my brain is full. It has been a really good conference...full of new content updates on a field moving at lightning speed...and full of memories with old and new friends.

Being the lone genetic counselor at my job and only 1 of 2 in the city, it is really nice and affirming to spend a couple days with 2,000 other GCs.

Genetic counselors are a homogenous bunch. >90% female and white. This is not something we are terribly proud of, and are actively trying to change, but it is the current truth. The former makes for some logistic restroom issues, which is solved by turning most all of the restrooms to "women's." It is incredibly unsettling to walk into a restroom that says women, but the contents of the room tells you otherwise. And on more than one occasion I have walked back out of a restroom just for a "second-opinion."

I have been trying to be a better "tweep" during this conference...and use twitter to take notes and see what is happening in other meeting rooms.

When we landed Wednesday, it was rainy, cold and not Calofornia-like. I was really questioning my abilities to check weather and pack appropriately. However, after that anomaly, the rest of the week has been warm, dry, and beautiful.

We fly home tomorrow...and thanks to the time change, leave LAX at noon and I land in Huntsville at almost midnight. And after a little snuggle time with my little boy, turn around and leave Monday morning for the HudsonAlpha GREAT workshop in mobile. Then it's off for vacation. It's a beautifully crazy life.

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