The one where Perry turned nine months old

Monday, October 7, 2013
Perry is nine months old. NINE. No matter how hard we try to slow life down...he just keeps getting growing up. Perry visited Dr. Ellis last week for his nine month well baby visit. We are so blessed and grateful that he has been a healthy kid and has not had to see Dr. Ellis between his regularly scheduled well visits [*knocks on wood*]. The doctor was impressed with everything Perry has learned to do in the last three months. As a mom, it is a proud moment to answer yes to all of the milestone questions.

Here is the list of "homework" for the next three months:

  • Switching from bottle to sippy cup
  • Switching to all table foods
  • Talking
  • Walking

Perry got one shot and the first of two flu vaccine doses. He did great and didn't cry long. His ears are perfectly clear...which we were worried about since he had been tugging on his ears...but now I think we can attribute that to teething.



You are growing up so fast, but we are so proud of everything you are learning to do. Your smile and laugh are infectious. You are really starting to learn to play with us. You love to crawl on top of us, get tickled and play peek-a-boo. You spent much of your time on your feet these days, holding on to whatever happens to be nearby (no matter how unstable it might be). You have discovered the stairs and the wonders behind cabinets and drawers. We have even caught you letting go and standing independently for a second or two if you get good and distracted by what you are doing.


You are learning to eat solid foods. You have eaten pulled pork, ground beef, macaroni, mashed potatoes, whole peas, lots of cut up fruit, and the list goes on and on. We will pretty much let you try anything (except peanuts and honey). You have to wait until you are one to experience the wonder that is peanut butter. You are getting so much better with a sippy will drink an entire cup of juice throughout the day. Puffs are still your favorite snack.

This month you spent your first night away from both mommy and daddy, at Granna and Granddaddy's house. You had a great time. Your favorite toy is your stuffed white arctic fox. He really needs a name other than "white fox" to which he is currently referred. You also love to play with cardboard Your favorite book right now is a counting book called "one, two, three." It is funny how in a stack of books you gravitate to that one. Maybe you will be a numbers person.

You "talk" a lot but have yet to say anything in the English language...on purpose. We are working hard on the mama's and dada's. Hopefully soon we will hear that first word.

You are 19 lb, 9 oz. And right at the 50%ile for height and weight. Your head circumference is at the 60%ile. Your hair is still bright red and your eyes are still brown. It is looking more and more that that is how they are going to stay. You attract all kinds of attention in public and we get stopped everywhere we go so people can look at you, talk to you and if they are feeling particularly friendly (and lack boundaries) - touch your hair. You still get called a girl by some strangers...because you are such a "pretty baby"...and maybe because mommy doesn't dress you in overalls and t-shirts.

You have learned to give "high-fives" and just this week started to wave. And by wave it is more of a flapping of the entire arm...and it is precious.

You are such an adaptable little guys and can go with the flow on your schedule. That is good since we stay on the go a lot. You still go to bed after a night-night bottle at 8 pm and sleep until sometime between 6-7. Lately it has been more like 6 (or 5:50 this morning).

Most of all we want you to know how much Mommy and daddy (and so many other people) love love love you! Keep growing and thriving little boy!


And he's done. All that smiling is tiring...

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