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Sunday, October 27, 2013
On October 17th, in Birmingham, AL - Perry took his very first plane flight.

After spending the night with Mere and Elliott, we headed off to the airport to catch a 9 am non-stop plane to Orlando. We flew out of Birmingham because they had direct flights, and we figured if the baby on a plane thing goes terribly, atleast we won't have to turn around and do it again for a week and a half.

After getting slightly lost in Birmingham trying to get to the airport (yeah, I know it is right off the interstate...), and walking with a baby, stroller, 4 checked bags and our carry-ons what seemed like a mile to get from our parking spot into the airport...we were a little flustered to say the least. But once we deposited our bags at the ticket counter not to see them again until they magically appeared inside our resort room later that day (thank you Disney Magical Express), we were good.

Let me just say it takes a lot of stuff to take a 10 month old (and his parents) on vacation for 9 nights.

I do have to say that I am very much not a fan of the way Southwest does their tickets, where you don't have assigned seats and it is a free for all when you get on the plane. We did pay extra to be in the first boarding group...but still it just adds stress to not know where you are sitting...maybe it is just my type-A/need to have a plan personality. However, I guess that inconvenience is made up for by the direct flight and free bags with Southwest.

Perry did awesome on the plane ride down and slept most of it (thanks to naptime, a fully tummy and a dose of baby benedryl)...we wanted him to be rested and ready to go once we finally made it to the "Mouse House."


Sweet boy fast asleep on the airplane, in dire need of a hair trim.

All aboard the Magical Express in route to Disney World. So excited! Perry is holding his very own "Mickey Band" since we were staying at a resort involved in the beta test. The armbands were our park tickets, bus tickets, resort room key and credit card. Pretty cool. Perry thought it made an excellent chew toy.

We stayed 2 nights before the cruise at the Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House. It was just beautiful. We had a balcony room that overlooked the Savannah, where we had daily and nightly animal visitors in our backyard. The lobby of AKL is just breathtaking. Disney does such a good job theming their resorts.

Our Room

"It all started with a Mouse" on our bathroom counter

Once we arrived, we dropped some of our carry-ons and jumped on a bus to Animal Kingdom. It was already past lunch by this point so we grabbed a quick bite to eat in the park. Andrew and I both got the "kids snack pack" at Tamu Tamu, and neither of us could finish it. Seriously. I am not sure what child could eat (as a snack) yogurt, goldfish, apple slices, carrots, a granola bar and a bottle of water. It was a perfect lunch, refreshing and really inexpensive coming in at just $5.49.


After lunch we went and rode the Kilimanjaro Safaris. It is such a fun attraction. We have definitely had better safari guides, but there were plenty of animals to see and Perry enjoyed riding around in the safari truck and seeing the animals...until he fell fast asleep towards the end.

Since P was asleep, we headed over to the Baby Care Center for him to nap some more and get a bottle in the lovely air conditioning. Love the Baby Care Centers in all the parks...something you never know exists until you need it.

P getting some much needed rest and a bottle in the baby care center

The rest of the afternoon we did some strolling through the jungle trails and Andrew and I rode Expedition Everest a couple of times each. The cast members were great about letting us take turns riding/watching the baby. It was not crowded at all, being slow season and late in the afternoon.

We had a 5:30 dinner reservation at Yak and Yeti, the sit-down Asian restaurant in the park. We figured that Asian cuisine was likely not one we would get on the cruise. I got the stir-fried beef and brocolli and I think Andrew got the bourbon chicken. It was really good.  I would definitely eat there again. And notice the fortune in our fortune


Even the applesauce had the mouse's seal of approval and the most literal fortune ever

On a whim we decided to go from Animal Kingdom over to Epcot for a little while after dinner. It was Food and Wine Festival time, so we had a good time just strolling "Around the World" sampling foods and people watching.


Then it was past bed-time, and we went back to AKL for the night. Had to get some rest (albeit not much since P woke up at 4 am the next day) before another big day at the Magic Kingdom.

When we got back to our room, this little visitor had decided to make his bed just under our balcony. Love Animal Kingdom Lodge,

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