The one with one last barn dance

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To take a brief hiatus from the vacation posts in effort to not get behind posting about "real life," we hit the ground running when we got back in town late Saturday night. We had to be up at church bright and early Sunday morning to help with hospitality. Then we went back to church Sunday night for the annual church barn dance. I have to admit it is one of my favorite church events...because it is festive and fall...not because of a hidden love of square dancing.

It is fun to have an excuse to wear plaid. We dressed Perry up just as western as we could...found a pair of denim overalls and plaid button up tucked back in the recesses of his closet. We had a great time eating yummy chili and desserts and spending time with sweet friends.

By looking at him, Perry could pass for a country boy right? Maybe not his daddy though...he has a real lack of plaid in his wardrobe.

Perry took some lessons in how to pose in overalls from Travis

And got to dance with a whole circle of doting girls

It was great to see Adrienne and Chad and get caught up after being gone so long. Look at Perry's cheesy smile in that picture...I just love it.

The church barn is about to be removed to make room for an additional children's building to be constructed. Sad to see the barn dances come to an end, but excited for the next chapter for Rivertree and the Starting Point (children's) ministry.

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