The one with perry, peter and tink

Thursday, October 31, 2013
Happy Halloween!

Last night we had some sweet family time while carving pumpkins. Emily and Matt carve awesome pumpkins every year that go along with the kids' costumes. Our pumpkin would have sat uncarved on our front porch without their encouragement and company. But we had a lot of fun carving and admiring the finished product, and have probably set a pretty high precedent going forward.

We decided to carve a perry the platypus pumpkin to go along with P's costume for the year. Designs always look misleadingly simple on paper. Poor Andrew I think had second (and third) thoughts once he got started and saw all the tiny places he had to carve out. I just had to do the messy prep part of getting all the pumpkin "guts" out.

But it turned out awesome! Good job Andrew! Our little "pumpkin" liked his pumpkin.

Here are the three kiddos and their 2013 pumpkins (carved by their parents). We were lamenting last night that it is sad you put so much work into a carved pumpkin for it to spoil and get thrown out a few days later. But at least they will live on forever in the blog.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun halloween!

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