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Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Perry visited the pediatrician Tuesday for his nine-month-old well checkup. OMG, as of tomorrow we have a NINE MONTH OLD. More on that later.

Per usual, Perry was weighted and measured, poked and prodded. We learned that his eyesight is perfect (atleast for now), is not anemic, is meeting/exceeding his milestones and a happy, healthy, growing boy. And for that we are incredibly grateful, thankful and blessed.

And our little boy is a perfectly average size. No joke, the kid has been tracking smack dab on the 50%ile mark since the day he was born. I am quite happy for him to be average in this area. Not too big, not too small...just right. For the record, he is 19 lb 9 oz and 28 inches long.

My precious father-in-law had chemo no 9 today. He also found out that his platelet counts rebounded and went up some from last week, which is pretty much unheard of and pretty extraordinary. And a big answer to prayer! Keep them in your prayers during the next few "bad side effect" days and as they continue to make plans and preparations for where to go from here.

In other, way less exciting, more mundane, news I cleaned out our fridge last weekend while I was "recovering" from wisdom tooth surgery. Yeah...its amazing what you will find to do when you shouldn't be doing anything. Hadn't been scrubbed and really cleaned out since we got it 3+ years ago...yeah it was in dire need of a deep clean and purge of more than a couple expired condiments. No one would want do see before pictures, but here is the sparkling clean fridge afterwards. And I recently bought these really cute "fridge coasters" I read about here. Super cute and gave me the motivation I needed to clean out the fridge = a win win.

And because you would much rather see pictures of my baby than my fridge:

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