The one in St. Thomas, USVI

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wednesday, October 23rd. Island of St. Thomas.

We woke up to this view off our balcony. We were up and at 'em early again to catch our excursion...not a problem...a 9 month old baby is a pretty good alarm clock. Speaking of...official wake up calls are really fun on a Disney boat...because Mickey makes the calls himself. :)

We booked an excursion through Disney Cruise Line (DCL) on this island. An open air safari bus took us on a 30 minute scenic ride to the Coral World aquarium. Perry fell fast asleep on the bus ride there and continued to nap for about 30 minutes after we got there.

That is our boat in the distance.


We hung out a lot in the air conditioned buildings with fish tanks with all sorts of fish, eels, coral, etc. We happened to be there while they were feeding the fish for the day. Some were in smaller individual tanks and then they had a circular building with all glass walls that was surrounded by a huge fish tank. 

Outside there were turtles, sting rays, and sharks you could look at and touch. The aquarium was situated right on the coast and the views were spectacular.

Before we left Coral World we got to see a sea lion show. Then it was back on the bus to head back to the ship. The bus dropped us off at the butterfly farm that was just a couple minute walk from the boat. We were able to explore the butterfly farm at our leisure and leave whenever we wanted. This was good...because as cool as butterflies are...our interest in them is relatively shallow.


We forgot our Team Gary poster the previous day...but snagged a picture at the butterfly farm and on the boat while docked at St. Thomas.

The view of our boat from the dock

We were back on the boat by lunch so we headed over to Royal Court for a sit-down meal. They are so good with kids...they even sliced up Perry's banana for him.

After a long afternoon nap it was time to get ready for Halloween on the High Seas. All the guests and characters dressed up in their halloween costumes and had a party up on the pool deck. Perry got back in his Perry the Platypus costume and this time Andrew and I put on our costumes. I use the word costume loosely for us...but we wore similar clothes of Phineas and Ferb.

Perry with his stuffed Perry



Sweet little platypus feet

Phineas, Ferb and Perry

On the way to dinner we ran into Superhero Donald Duck

Dinner was back in Enchanted Garden. All the servers got a kick out of seeing everyones costumes. This picture is of Andrew, Perry and our server, Agus. Perry was very over having to wear a hat at this point.

Our sweet table mates had their little girl dressed up as well, as a peacock. She was precious. We had to get a picture of the dads and kiddos. We took about 10-15 different pictures before we got one with all four of them kind of looking in the same direction. :)

There was not as much halloween decor and activities as I thought there might be...and many of them happened after we were in bed (adult costume contest, etc). There was no actual trick or treating (which I believe is a change from previous years), but there were candy displays (pictured below) in the dining rooms and a bag of candy waiting for you on your bed at night.

After dinner we went to The Tube, the UK-inspired bar for a family dance party. We just sat and listened to the music for a little while.

Then we headed off to bed. It had been a full couple of days and we were very much looking forward to another relaxing day at sea.

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