The one where Perry turned 10 months old

Monday, November 11, 2013
This post is a tad over-due because of the business that was last week...but our sweet little boy turned 10 months old last weekend. And we have graduated from onesies to jeans and a turtle-neck for pictures this month. Here's a glimpse into what our little man has been up to.

Perry, October has been a big month for you. You traveled out of the country and got to use your passport for the first time. Mommy and daddy had tons of fun taking our first big vacation together. You are a little boy that is constantly on the move. Your least favorite parts of your day is getting your diaper changed or clothes put on, because those activities inhibit your ability to move and explore.

You have gotten a little more attached to mommy and daddy these days and sometimes cry when you are handed off, but when you do the tears are short lived and you are totally ok once you are distracted. Out of sight, out of mind.

You are still sleeping great, from about 8:15 pm until 6:30-7:00 am. Daylight savings time didn't really mess with your schedule too much last week, you adjusted the hour just perfectly.

You are eating more solid foods, and have dropped down to 4 bottles a day (from 5). You are a great eater, as long as you are hungry. If you aren't, it is near impossible to get anything down.

You have begun to learn the "uh-oh" game (thanks granna and granddaddy). And love to toss things onto the floor.

You "talk" all the time and love to say "da-da"....but I don't think I would say you have said your first real word yet. You do know who mommy and daddy are when asked though.

You do not like hats, at all. And are not the biggest fan of shoes. Perhaps mom should have put them on you before now. With winter coming, you are going to have to learn to like them. :)

You can give high-fives, but clapping your hands is one of your favorite things to do. You clap when you are excited, hear music or are asked to "clap." It is precious. We are still working on are sticking with clapping for now.

You are cruising around furniture really well and will walk quite a distance if we hold your hands. Just a couple days ago you let go and stood for 5 seconds or so, until you realized you were unassisted and promptly sat down.

Just tonight you learned to drink from a straw. You learn new things each and every day.

You have been really healthy and have had no need to see the doctor this month. So we don't have any real idea of your height and weight...but know you continue to grow big and strong.

You continue to be the happiest, most smiley baby I have ever met. You bring so much joy to your mommy and daddy and the rest of your family, not to mention complete strangers you come across each day. We love, love love you pear-bear!

Happy 10 months sweet boy!

~Mommy and Daddy

(Please ignore the fact that our Christmas tree is up in the background. Yes I realize it is early November)

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