The third one at sea

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thursday, October 24th. Third sea day.

We went and ate breakfast in one of the formal dining rooms, taking advantage of not having to be anywhere special. Perry pretty much demolished a mickey waffle and strawberries. Meanwhile I had a plate of yummy and carbs and bacon (Ben, that one is for you).


High-fives for the man who brings you mickey waffles

After breakfast we "woke up with Disney Junior" again in D-Lounge. This time pluto came to play.

Then we went up to the Oceaneers Club (one of the kids club areas) for an open house time. It was neat to see the areas for the bigger kids (aka potty-trained kids). During the open house times anyone can come in and play and Perry loved it. There were several different themed rooms that kids could play in: Nemo, Monsters U, Andy's Room, etc.



Then we went and tried our luck at the 2nd and final Diaper Dash. Perry did much better this time, meaning he actually crawled...diagonally across the mat to some random strangers. Yeah, that is our social boy. He was in the lead at first and then got passed at the end when he stopped to smile and look around. None the less we were proud and got another DCL bib to take home.

We also found Pluto for an autograph and photo op in the lobby.

Perry spent a couple hours during the day in the nursery so Andrew and I could have some time together. What did we do? We ordered Mickey ice cream bars from room service and ate them up on the adult only pool deck.


We had dinner in Royal Court at an awesome table right by the window. Appropriately enough after a fancy dinner in Royal Court we got to meet Ariel. We didn't stand in long lines to meet all the princesses, but just happened to see Ariel by herself with no line to meet her. She loved Perry's hair because it matched hers.


We got a towel snake and our nightly ration of chocolates

Perry was pretty worn out after a busy day of playing. And very ready for his night-night bottle and crib when this photo was taken. His PJs say it all.

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