The one about the cardboard mustache

Saturday, December 21, 2013

After an innocent question from my aunt at lunch the other day, I have spent some time this week crafting mustaches, hats, glasses and good old fashioned lips out of cardboard. My aunt asked if I wanted the family to all bring their santa hats to our Christmas day gathering for some fun family photos. I said of course, and that got me thinking about all these cute photo booths and props that are popping at parties and pinterest boards everywhere.

So after some time plotting on pinterest, I headed out to Hobby Lobby for supplies. It was a bit of a learning process like all good DIY projects, and more than once considered just buying the props on Etsy and calling it a day...but that feeling passed and I now have a set of homemade Christmas-themed photo book props for Christmas.

I learned quickly that for bigger props one piece of cardstock is far to thin and flimsy. I also tried foamboard, adhesive spray and an exacto knife. That did not work at all for me...maybe it works great for someone with more exacto skills...but I couldn't get it to cut well and make all the tiny turns required to cut out a mustache. I finally figured out the best way (for me) was to just the shape out on two pieces of cardstock and glue them together...two is stronger than one. Some of the shapes I used the Cricut to cut (santas hat and the mistle toe for example), others I printed out from the computer and cut with old fashioned scissors. All that is left is to glue the sticks on and we will be ready for some fun Christmas day photos.

My plan is to use painters tape to tape some fun wrapping paper to a wall to create a nice backdrop for the pictures. Check back after Christmas to see how it all goes down.

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