The one about where the time has gone

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
I will do a more lengthy post about this later, but for now I am just amazed at the fact that as of today we have an eleven month old. I don't know why eleven months sounds so much older than ten to me, but it does. Maybe it is the fact that in just one more short month (which is going to fly by with the holiday hustle and bustle) we will have a one year old.

I thought Perry looked so cute yesterday in his big boy jeans and argyle baby gap sweater. And what you can't appreciate from the front is the fact that the sweater even has little tiny elbow pads on the back. Talk about looking like a grownup. Who said dressing a boy isn't fun.

And just for good measure, a couple other pictures from yesterday. Andrew brought Perry by my work for a few minutes after he dropped his parents off at the airport (they are off to MD Anderson for the week for more tests and consultations; please keep them in your prayers). It was so good to see their smiling faces mid-day. Then there is our boy taking a bath like a big kid. No more baby bath tubs for him. He loves his rubber duckies and bath boys.


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