The one on Christmas evening

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Mid-afternoon on Christmas day we went over to Andrew's parents house. We opened tons of presents while we waited on the traditional Christmas lasagna to finish cooking in the oven. We take our time going around and watching each person open a present. We focused on the kiddos at first so they would have things to play with while the adults opened presents later. Perry got an awesome cow flashlight that "moo's", a bunch of books, the Phineas and Ferb Christmas movie and ornaments, a popper, some more duplo legos, and too many other things to list. Ben bought him a present all on his own at the school's mistle toe market. He bought him a cute baby spoon with a bear on it. So sweet.

Perry also got a "brown puppy" from Granna and Granddaddy. Ben got a brown puppy Webkinz stuffed animal when he was a baby and he loved it and still sleeps with it at night. Granna bought a "backup" puppy several years ago in case Ben ever lost his (which he never did) so the puppy that has been collecting dust all these years has a new home and adoring little boy owner. Perry already is in love with his brown puppy.

Granddaddy got lots of new hats and gloves and things to stay warm with and a photo book of the nearly 300 "Team Gary" pictures we have been collecting over the past six months. He had chemo the week of Christmas and it wrapped up mid afternoon on Christmas day. One of their sweet nurses at CCI agreed to come over to their house and un-hook him on Christmas so he didn't have to stay connected to the pump until the next day.

Kate and Ben got all kinds of new toys and fun things. Kate was excited to get a new Auburn cheerleader outfit from us. Ben's special gift from us was a "science kit." Emily said to get him a science book, and I a few (bunch of) other things. Like everything he needs to extract DNA from a strawberry, and make gummy worms, and dissect a pig kidney. Yeah, I am that Aunt apparently that gives preserved animal specimens for Christmas that I got for free at a teacher conference last month. Ben and Kate were both ecstatic to get Despicable Me 2. They had been talking all day about how they didn't get it from Santa or their parents.

The gift of the year though was "E" books. Pretty hard backed books cut into the shape of an "E." Ann got one for me and Emily, while Emily got one for Ann. So funny. And not the first, or second, time we have gotten each other the same monogrammed thing (and in the same letter since we all share the same last initial).

It was such a fun afternoon and evening. We stayed at Granna and Granddaddy's that night so we could put P to bed and keep having fun. We eventually fell into bed to get some rest before our last two "Christmases" the next day.

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