The one on Christmas morning, part I

Friday, December 27, 2013
Apparently Perry was way too excited to see what Santa had brought to sleep in. He woke up at 6 am ready for a bottle and begin the festivities.

*Warning: baby's first Christmas = lots of pictures


Perry opened his stocking and found a toy car, disney CD, and some little people. And then he explored his new "everywhere chair" from Santa (aka PotteryBarnKids).


Andrew got all sorts of things in his stocking like his magazine renewals, socks, earmuffs and a "Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff"\

My stocking contents. The vineyard vines "lobster reindeer" ornament immediately found a home on the tree.

Andrew spoiled me with so many awesome presents. We usually do a good job of giving not so subtle hints of what we want, but try to add in a few surprises too. I love my new Hunter boots, anchor bracelet, aladdin basket and green glasses (made from recycled wine bottles).



Perry did great opening presents. Although he would often get distracted by the paper and ribbons he pulled off and had to be redirected to the project at hand. From us he got some starter duplo blocks, stuffed Dumbo (we bought on the cruise), and some books especially from Daddy. Andrew loves Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and got Perry the whole series (who knew there were three of them?).




Andrew also got us an Elf on the Shelf. I was shocked because he has always said they were a lot creepy even though I thought it sounded like a fun little guy to have around during the holidays. We still haven't named him, but we have almost a year to come up with a good name. It is a boy elf of course.


Perry mistook his new chair for a jungle gym. The boy has no fear. 

 Andrew got a new suit and new vineyard vines tie.



We played with all our new "toys" for a while, ate some quiche for breakfast and got ready for the Moreland family to come over. When I was growing up, my mom didn't cook too much, but every year on Christmas morning she made a quiche. And it is a simple tradition that I have held onto each year. We learned that Perry loves can't get enough of it. We haven't gotten him to really eat eggs any other there may be lots of quiches in our future.


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