The one on Christmas morning, part II

Saturday, December 28, 2013
About 10 am on Christmas morning, the Moreland family came over. Perry was napping when they got there so we got to have some adult time and feast on Christmas brunch. It was quite the spread of food, complete with a "dressed up" watergate salad.

    Christmas morning mimosas

After brunch we opened presents. Perry got a dancing sock monkey, electronic remote control, interactive teddy bear (that teaches body parts) and a mickey mouse clubhouse play set, to name a few.


    Me and my daddy

All of the gifts were awesome and most of them were things we really wanted. This one being a slight exception...and yes, it has sound effects.

And this was a gift that came wrapped in a box which was explicitly not part of the gift...complete with a note that said to return the box to the giver. Apparently Kay was scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of boxes to wrap in this year and had to resort to unpacking boxes in the attic. lol.

We also had some fun with the DIY photo booth I set up. I think it turned out pretty darn cute and we had fun mixing and matching the props. The background is just pretty wrapping paper taped to the wall with painters tape. I need to remember that little trick for taking pictures with fun backgrounds.




    I love this family photo!

The annual family photo, with and without crowns (from our Christmas poppers)

We always celebrate my birthday after we have finished all the Christmas food and presents. My aunt got me a Great American Cookie Company cookie cake (which is the best cookie cake on the planet I am convinced). I was in heaven.

It was such a fun time. There is never enough time on Christmas day to do all the talking and laughing that you want. But we made the most of the few hours we had and it was a very merry christmas.

    Perry and his Papaw

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