The one on Emilys birthday

Sunday, December 22, 2013
Christmas, birthdays, and new years, oh my. It is such a crazy but special time of the year. Yesterday was my sister-in-law, Emily's, birthday. Her birthday is four days before Christmas and mine is four days after. We got together with the family to celebrate last night. It was so great to see felt like it had been forever.  We met over at Ann and Gary's for a dinner of appetizers (yum!), then we loaded up and went out to the Melting Pot for dessert. We got three different kinds of chocolate for dipping, cookies and cream, dark chocolate and peanut butter, and flaming turtle. It was delicious.

After dinner we went back to Ann and Gary's to play some games. Perry was a trooper and played with  some fun kitchen utensils in his highchair while we played several rounds of Wits and Wagers and Apples to Apples. He did manage to get his own shirt off at one point...probably because it was 70 something degrees outside in December which is just a bit ridiculous for the day of the winter solstice.

Happy Birthday Emily!

Speaking of the warm, balmy weather...Perry even got to wear a Christmas shorts outfit to church this morning, and with no socks. #southernproblems Perry got this awesome firetruck toy for Christmas from Adrienne and Chad the other night. It moves, has balls that pop out, and makes noises and he has been playing with it non-stop.

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