The one on the Saturday before Christmas

Monday, December 23, 2013
'Twas the Saturday before Christmas and we got to celebrate a little early with my grandma. I picked her and some lunch up during P's morning nap and we came back to our house to celebrate. Perry took an epicly long nap that morning which allowed us to eat and visit a while while he got some extra beauty sleep. Then after he woke up and had some lunch himself it was time to open presents.

Grandma got many of her favorite consumables (lotions, foods, and an Auburn magazine) as well as some photo gifts and and an ornament from Perry. We got lots of great stuff too! Perry was the center of attention of course and he loved his new xylophone and ring stacker toy from grandma. He picked up on how to play the xylophone really quick and continues to play with it bunches...maybe he will grow up to be musical. : ) 




It was such a fun afternoon and we all played and played with Perry until he was totally tuckered out. It is so fun having an almost one year old at Christmastime. Same day, different outfit, in those last two many Christmas clothes and so little time to wear them some days call for a wardrobe change...especially after having pink strawberries for lunch.

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