The one where Perry turned 11 months old

Monday, December 16, 2013
...a couple of weeks ago.

This post is a little late, due to my lack of time for taking the "official" eleven month pictures. But I didn't totally want to miss it in all the holiday shuffle, because some big things happened this month. Here's a little about what our little man is up to.

You are getting so big. I can't believe you will be a whole year old in just a couple of weeks and we will no longer be counting in months (well maybe we will hold out on that a little while longer). You are still such a happy baby. You love to laugh and play and get attention (which you get plenty of). Everywhere we go people comment on how cute you are and about your most prominent feature...your awesome red hair. When strangers talk to you, you typically just look up at them and smile.


It is getting cold outside and you are having to learn to deal with layers, socks and shoes, which are all pretty foreign since you were so so little last winter and were pretty much bunddled in your infant carrier under a blanket the whole time. You pull your socks off and use them as chew toys sometimes (eek) and look at shoes like they came from a foreign planet. And hats...yeah you can forget will not keep them on your head for a millisecond.

You are starting to learn to WALK. You took your first steps the day after your 11 month birthday. Not walking tons, but taking multiple steps everyday and getting stronger and more confident on your feet. You have also been working on switching over from formula in a bottle to whole milk in a sippy cup. You are doing great with that and can drink from your sippy cups all by yourself. Your other new favorite foods are cheerios, goldfish crackers and still of course fruit. You are not the best at swallowing solid foods that don't dissolve or crunch...we are working on that.

You love to explore the house and see what you can find behind cabinets and drawers. Sometimes you get interested in the Christmas decorations and ornaments and wrapped presents, but you leave them alone for the most part.

You have begun to say a few little words and sounds like da-da, duck, and uh-oh. Still trying to coax that first ma-ma out of you. You love to snuggle and when you are tired will crawl over and lay your heads in our laps.

You watched your first iron bowl and got to see your tigers beat the tide in impressive fashion. You are definitely getting better with not stressing over the yelling and cheering in the living room during football games.

One of your favorite toys these days is an awesome rubber ball that came delivered in a Stork Stack this month. You love it and have quickly picked up the skill of rolling the ball back and forth, with pretty darn good aim. You also love looking at all your board books. Bath time is so fun now that you are free to explore the tub and play with toys. You love your rubber ducks and to splash around.

You amaze us every single day with all the new things you learn to do. Such a fun age. We love you so so much Perry!

Ma-ma and Da-da

And the photo shoot is done.

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