The one with a birthday cake for Jesus

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Tuesday night we celebrated Christmas with our lifegroup. Our maid came that day and used about an entire bottle of lysol on the house, so we felt comfortable letting other people in it. I picked up some Olive Garden chicken parm, salad and breadsticks on my way home for dinner. Then we watched Elf, one of the greatest Christmas movies ever, exchanged little gifts and had a simple little birthday party for Jesus.


Reagan and Jay gave us this throw that oh my goodness could not be any softer. I was off yesterday and pretty much kept it wrapped around me the whole time I was at home. Gina and Travis gave us an awesome ice cream scooper like one that they have that we have all been jonesing for.

We had been talking about this cake on the front of the Christmas Southern Living for weeks...about how good it looked...about how hard it would be to make. So, while I had some free time this weekend I decided to try my hand at it...with some modifications. It was a layered cake with alternating layers of red velvet cake and cheesecake. After reading some reviews online, I decided to take the number of layers down from 5 to 3, and used boxed red velvet cake instead of the "from-scratch" version in the magazine (which was not the best based on the reviews).

We put a candle in it, sang "happy birthday" to Jesus, and then paused and looked at each other to figure out what to do next...who blows out the candle at a birthday party for Jesus...

...we decided not to let that hang us up, blew it out and served up the cake. It was nice to take some time to put the focus of Christmas back where it rightly belongs.

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