The one with a few more Christmases

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
The day after Christmas we woke up and had a leisurely morning at Ann and Gary's. Andrew, Matt and Gary went to breakfast and to CCI to turn in the pump and put the finishing touches on that round of chemo. I hit up the after Christmas sale at The Greenery and got some good deals on awesome ribbon and a new wreath for our side door for next year.

Grandmama (Gary's mom) and Aunt Lisa came up for a visit around lunch time. We had lunch and opened more presents. Perry got a little people nativity set which will be so fun for years to come, an animal puzzle, and a bubble mower. Ben got this awesome bike thingy from Grandmama that we had to immediately be put together and tried out. It looked so fun.

We headed home mid afternoon so Perry could get a nap in before heading over to have Christmas with my Dad, Krista and Caroline. Caroline had just gotten back from a study abroad trip to Italy and it was great to hear about it and see pictures. And she brought us back an awesome tie, scarf and ornament as Christmas presents. Dad and Krista bought Perry a baby-sized leather jacket. Perry knew he looked cool in it. Ok, not get him to smile in this picture Caroline is holding up a cat above my head.

Perry also did a lot of practicing on his walking.

Mommateen and PawPaw, Deane and Greg and Debbie came over for dinner too. It was great to visit with them another night. We also celebrated my birthday a little early with a song and cake.

Whew. I think that is the end of the Christmas 2013 posts. And the end of 2013 posts all together as it is 10:45 on New Years Eve. And clearly we have been having a wild and crazy night since I am sitting here doing this on the sofa while watching football an hour before midnight. The year has been eventful and full of changes. It has been full of amazing experiences and memories as well as a sprinkling of hard moments and sadness. 

We are anxiously preparing for and awaiting the weekend ahead celebrating Perry's first birthday and we are looking forward to see what 2014 has in store for us. No matter what, I am so blessed and grateful to have these two boys by my side.

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