The one with the perfect Saturday

Monday, December 9, 2013
Oh my word. Saturday was amazing. From beginning to end it was the best day.

The day started out with a fun breakfast with Santa courtesy of Parkway Place Chickfila. We got to meet santa of course, but also the grinch, Cindy Lou, and the chickfila cow dressed up as santa. Perry is still not a big fan of santa (third time is not a charm…lol). He really didn't know what to think of the grinch. But he had a fantastic time hanging out with his cousins and eating chicken and biscuit and fruit.




Yeah we tried our best to get a picture of the three kids and santa and that is what we got. But that is real life…babies don't like santa…and you know the grinch likes to photo bomb. I think it is hilarious. Once we got him away from santa, Perry went back to his normal happy self. They also had a raffle and we won this super cute stuffed reindeer from build-a-bear. Perry loves it.

And a family picture with the cow. It was such a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Thanks Chickfila!

After breakfast we did some much needed Christmas errands...mailed packages and the giant stack of Christmas cards and birthday invitations I had addressed the night before. So glad to have that done and checked off the list.

Then we came home and Andrew made a big pot of chili and I went for a "long run." It has even since that 10k I did that I have had time to be able to go and run more than about 30 minutes at a time. It was frigid, but I stuck with it and did 5.6 miles, and ran further than I have ever run before without stopping to walk. This coming from the girl that could not run a whole mile until oh August maybe.

Feeling accomplished we settled into watch an evening of football and food with good friends. Travis and Gina came over to watch our number 3 Auburn tigers play in the SEC title game, and Jay and Reagan joined after they got done with an afternoon of hunting in the woods.


It was a bonus gameday that no one thought we would have just a couple of weeks ago. We would have been thrilled with our football season no matter what the outcome of yeserdays game would have been....but oh my goodness we won. Then we sat and watched in anticipation while michigan state took on the (at that time) number 2 ohio state. And oh my goodness they beat them. That pushed Auburn up to the #2 spot and we will be playing in the national championship game in Pasadena on Jan 6th. This the team that failed to win a single SEC game a year ago. Oh my word. War Eagle!

We had a celebratory toast after our win and then rolled our Auburn Christmas tree after the michigan state win. It was our own little version of Toomers corner. Now we have about a month off before the biggest game of them all.

"War eagle fly down the field,
Ever to conquer, never to yield"

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