The one with the second miracle in Jordan-Hare

Sunday, December 1, 2013
Oh my word. It is the day after the 2013 iron bowl and we have watched and re-watched the last minute of the game probably nearly 100 times and it just doesn't get old.

Iron bowl saturday stresses me out to say the least. And this year there was more on the line than ever before. We were not just playing for bragging rights with our rival fans for the next year, but the winner would win the SEC west and play in the SEC championship game next weekend. It is a far cry from the Auburn 2012 season where we couldn't muster a single SEC win.

I know some Auburn faithful went into yesterday with confidence, but we were not among them. Not pessimistic - just realistic. And surely the miracle that happened last week in the annual slugfest that is the georgia game was took the last drop of luck we would have this season - apparently not.

Our Auburn Tigers were down 21-28 with just over 30 seconds left in the game and found a way to not just tie the game, but win it with a missed field goal by bama with :01 second on the clock and an auburn player who caught it and ran it 109 yards back to the other side of the field for the score, and the win. It was unreal. I have loved seeing all the pictures from the people who were lucky enough to be on the plains for the event. I can only imagine what it was like on the field after the game or at Toomer's corner.

Andrew had to work during the game, so Perry and I went over to the Garrett's to watch the game and eat some wings. After the game we met up with family for dinner at Chili's for a belated thanksgiving meal, celebrate Krista's brithday and see Caroline who was home from college. We were still all smiles and reeling from the victory.

When we woke up this morning Andrew asked me to confirm that Auburn did indeed win the game last night - he apparently had repeated dreams that the outcome was a little different. Why yes, we did win in epic fashion, upset number 1 Alabama, and are headed to the SEC championship game next Saturday to play Missouri. And thus the discussion commences on how low ticket prices would have to get for us to consider making an impromptu trip to Atlanta on Friday...I am not holding my breath.

Oh and apparently the folks at the Southeastern Conference need to a geography class...
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