The one with the steps

Friday, December 20, 2013
I have never been able to capture Perry "toddling" on video. Until tonight. He is walking pretty well, taking several steps every day, and tonight he seemed particularly daring. So I decided to just keep recording him until he did it...and did he ever. Just watch:

Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen? The nervous steps and the happy, proud look on his face. I love that little boy so much! And so thankful for iphones and digital memory that allow us parents to take continuous videos until we capture what we want. After all, I needed some documented proof for a certain bet that has been thrown down in the family...and whether P would or would not be walking by Christmas. May I present Evidence A.

I am also fairly certain P said "mama" tonight. Intentionally. Although, no one else was here to confirm and the iphone was not I have no proof on that one. But it made this "mama's" heart happy. We had an awesome night of playing (and walking) together while Andrew was at work. I am so glad to have all my shopping and most of my Christmas errands done already so we don't have to be out with all the crazies trying to get things done in the evenings. The drive home today was enough craziness for a while.

Just one more day of work and I will be turning on my "out of office reply" and will be off for two entire weeks. Two weeks of sweet time with family and friends, celebrating Christmas, quite a few birthdays and the New Year. Bring it on.

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