The one with a thanksgiving brunch

Sunday, December 1, 2013
One last thanksgiving post. I love thanksgiving morning. Sitting by the tv and watching the Macy's parade followed by the national dog show is my favorite thing to do. We actually had very little to do to get ready for thanksgiving dinner later that day, thanks to Ann and Emily doing most of the food, so we were able to go spend some time with my grandma in the morning.

Perry slept in until almost 7:45 (one more thing to be thankful for) and then we loaded up and it was off to grandmothers house we went. Grandma had bought some biscuits, yogurt, fruit and juice an we had a great thanksgiving breakfast together...while watching bands, floats and balloons parade through the New York City streets.

Grandma showing Perry the wonder of a battery operated tea light

I love this picture and all the smiles

Perry had a blast exploring grandma's house and eating some biscuit, yogurt, eggs and sausage. He was also mesmerized by the parade on TV - a boy after his mama's heart.

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