The one with trees and treats

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Despite some sickness and germs we have had some sweet Christmas memories these last couple of days. 

The other night we loaded up after dinner and went driving around to look at the Christmas lights. Perry snoozed through most of the ride. I have had a Christmas light scavenger hunt from Pinterest printed out for a month or so now, but we wanted to wait until everyone's lights were up to go try it out. We were able to check off everything on the list, although we had to take some liberties with "Mrs. Claus" and let an inflatable minnie mouse dressed up as Mrs. Claus count at the last minute when we needed to get P home and in bed.


Monday we had a fun family day and enjoyed doing some Christmas-y things in the unseasonably warm weather. We are doing some Christmas Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) with our lifegroup this month, little things for friends, family and strangers to make their day a little brighter and spread Jesus' love this holiday season. Travis got the printable ideas and note cards from this blog to help support a family in his hometown and the Cystinosis Research Foundation. We baked some cookies for the mail carrier, bought some doggy and kitty treats to take to the animal shelter, and took poinsettias to the VA home. 

After those errands we stopped by downtown Huntsville to stroll the Tinsel Trail, more than 200 Christmas trees decorated by local families and businesses all around Big Spring Park. It has been so cool to watch this event grow over the past couple of years and the trees are just incredible this year. 

The Mayor's tree

The HudsonAlpha Tree

The Orthopedic Center Tree
featuring Jack Skellington #funniestthingever

There are so many fun things to do with a family at Christmas time. Early in the season Andrew and I sat down and talked through a lot of the experiences and activities and decided on a few to focus on. You really could get so wrapped up in doing everything that the whole season would be a blur. We are trying to make the most of the days, but also slow down and enjoy the things we do a little more. 

But no matter how much we try to slow down, it just keeps on coming. Only seven more sleeps till Christmas. 

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