A Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday

Monday, January 6, 2014
Perry turned one on Friday. I still can't believe we have a one year old. We had a fun family day since Andrew and I were both off. We did went out for breakfast, did some party prep and played a lot. Our friend Kristen came in town for the weekend and we went out for a birthday dinner to little Rosies Friday night since Perry seems to love mexican food. Seriously, he can put away some ground beef, rice and beans.

Saturday was party day. I decided to make the theme "A Very Hungry Caterpillar." It is such a cute children's book and lends itself really well to cute foods and decorations. And even better I got some of the decorations from another local mom who had made them for her son's first birthday a few months ago so that made the party planning a little easier, and wound up being invaluable with the party being right after Christmas.

I love planning and hosting parties...so I go a little unnecessarily overboard probably...but it is my happy place. The party was perfect. I am so happy with how the food, decorations and everything else came together. And we had a blast celebrating the fact that #perryisone. Lots of our family and friends came over Saturday for lunch, cake, presents and fun. I am working on another post about more of the little details and DIY, but I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the party.

The first thing on the party agenda was lunch. The book made planning the menu really easy...you just serve the different things that the caterpillar "ate through."

Kate couldn't resist a pre-lunch cookie.

Eckley family found a patch of floor to eat on (because who has the capacity to seat 30 people in their house). Perry thought that looked like fun so he joined them and proceeded to steal things from the kids' plates.

Perry's friend Barrett (and his brother Coleman and mom Kim) got to come to the party. Thanks to our portable booster, Barrett had a place to sit and eat some cheese and crackers and fruit. Barrett turned one just a couple months ago and already it is getting harder to tell the couple month age difference between him and Perry.

After lunch, it was time for cake. Perry's birthday cake was absolutely stunning. I am in love with how it came out. And Perry's little smash cake was super cute too. The "1" on it is the same "1" candle that was on Andrew's first birthday cake almost 29 years ago. Amazingly (and with no prior planning) it was green and matched perfectly.

There was no keeping Perry's birthday hat on. Perry won't keep any hats on, much less a peculiar one made of paper and ribbons. But we worked fast and got a couple of pictures. I love this picture. It looks like he and Andrew are having a serious conversation about the meaning of life and why it is important for him to keep the hat on his head.

Perry did a good job with his cake. He started by picking of icing and eating that. There wasn't a lot of "smashing" going on with the smash cake. So we helped him out by cutting it open so he could get to the cake part. Then he ate a few handfuls of that before he discovered the fondant dots on the outside. Once he found those, there was no looking back. He started picking those off one by one and eating them. Silly boy.


I love this picture of Perry and Granddaddy. So sweet of him to share his cake.

And the cake aftermath. Not too shabby. And one of the best decisions I made was to dress P in two layers...so all I had to do was remove the sweater and he was still clean and ready to go.

Then it was present time. Perry was really into it for the first few presents. But then got all manner of distracted by the people and growing number of toys to play with and needed some help with the rest. Perry got so many awesome presents: building toys, stuffed animals, little people, an activity table, an anchor cup (which he had a particular affinity for), a riding toy, toy cars, books, puzzles, a globe and even a toy microscope (definitely the child of a biology nerd...given by a fellow biology nerd...thanks Kristen). :) And so many other things I haven't mentioned. Now mommy gets to figure out where to store all the fun things he got. #mommyproblems

Dad needed some help from Pawpaw to get the big present in - an awesome wagon with a canopy shade (so our little fair-skinned, red-headed child can ride around outside without getting sunburned.

Earlier in the day Perry got a DIY ball pit from us for his birthday. I figure it can double as a pool this summer. He loves it. He especially loves taking the balls out and then putting them back in. lol. It was a big hit with the other kids at the party too.

Perry had fun playing with Barrett and showing him all his new toys.

And Chad helped install some batteries in Perry's new activity table. And Andrew and Perry started checking out all of his new toys.

We asked everyone to sign a copy of the "A Very Hungry Caterpillar" book as a sort of guestbook and way for Perry to remember who was at his first birthday party.

Thank you to Caroline and Kristen and Adrienne who spent so much of the party behind the lens of a camera so this momma didn't have to. And we want to say a gigantic thank you to everyone who came to the party and made Perry's day so much fun. He is one loved little boy! 

Oh Kate...you are so hard to photograph...but I am glad you think that Perry's party was #1

Happy First Birthday Party, Perry! I hope you enjoyed it as much as your momma enjoyed preparing for it. "...and he wasn't a little caterpillar anymore." 

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