Chocolate made me do it

Sunday, January 26, 2014
The past week has been a blur, and a flurry of activities. Since early last Tuesday morning I have spent all of one night at home. And I haven't been relaxing on a beach somewhere (oh how I wish), hence the lack of blogging. But speaking of the beach...we did book a cruise tonight...for celebrate a certain someone's thirtieth birthday. I think that will make the sub-freezing temperatures this week just a little easier to tolerate.

Last week I was out of town on a work trip. I got to spend the week with my awesome co-workers and 100 Alabama biology teachers for the GREAT workshop in Montgomery. More on that later.

Perry and I just got back this afternoon from a mother/son weekend roadtrip to Atlanta. The primary purpose of the trip was the Hot Chocolate 15K race that Kristen, Kimmie, Christine, and I ran this morning. We are all running the princess half marathon at Disney next month together so it was awesome to get to do a 15k training run. If I am going to run 9.3 miles, I would rather do it with other people as part of an organized race...especially when there is chocolate waiting at the end.

Perry was so great on the 3.5 hour car rides. He played with his toys, "read" books and took some good naps. 

Kristen and Perry excited about some after dinner fro-yo Friday night.

The rest of the weekend was spent just hanging out. We went to the race expo Saturday to pick up our race packets, did some window shopping, and lots of eating. Saturday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a pre-race carb loading meal. Even Perry got in on the carbs.

We knew traffic would be bad getting parked at Turner Field so we got up extra early. Crack of dawn early...especially for those of us still functioning on central time. Kristen's co-worker Audrey graciously agreed to keep Perry during the race. I'm not sure that she knew we would be dropping him of at 6 am when she agreed to do it, but she still did it, and I am so grateful. She and her husband have a little boy just about 6 months older than P and the boys had a great time playing and spending the morning together. I don't know what all they did...but he was happy and tuckered out when we picked him back up after the race. So tuckered out that he fell asleep in the car...with his sippy cup still in his mouth. Bless his little heart.

While we were waiting for the race to start we wandered around and took pictures (once the sun came up and you could see) and just tried to keep moving to stay warm. It was about 30 degrees when the race started. Brrrr. I kept saying it could have been colder...or rainy. And really once we got started running we warmed right up and even wound up taking off our outer layer and tying it around our waists after about 4 miles.

The race was super hilly. A million times more hilly than the very flat neighborhood I am accustomed to running in. But we all finished and came in under the 12:30/mile pace Kristen and I wanted to keep...which is still ridiculously slow by most standards. Kimmie and Christine did awesome and finished well ahead of us. There were so many people. Somewhere I read 30,000 runners, spectators and volunteers. Our slow selves were no where near the front of the bunch.

Best part was after we crossed the long-awaited finish line we were met with hot chocolate and fondue...and water and gatorade. Yummy! I can get behind running 9.3 miles for chocolate.

It was such a fun weekend. Perry was a great little traveler but was glad to see his daddy tonight. The most traumatizing part of the trip for him I think was getting hissed and growled at by Kristen's cat. Perry wanted to be friends but the cat wanted nothing to do with him (quite the opposite) and it hurt his feelings and caused some tears once or twice.

I can't believe the next time I see those girls it will be in Walt Disney World in less than a month. Eek. Now it is time for bed and to rest my tired legs. Goodnight y'all!

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