Good food and good friends

Monday, January 20, 2014
Dine, v: to eat a good dinner in good company, and eat it slow. In dining, as distinguished from mere feeding, the palate and the stomach never ask the hand, 'what are you giving us?' ~Ambrose Bierce

This weekend centered squarely around food. It is a good weekend when all you have scheduled is eating with friends. We spent the day Saturday having a lazy day around the house and watching Ben play basketball. Saturday night our friends the Thomas' came over for dinner and games. Andrew made skirt steak on the grill which we served overtop a salad and paired with some potato soup and bread. I realized after the fact that I totally forgot to take any pictures of the food...we were way to busy eating it I guess. It was super yummy though. And incredibly easy to toss together. We played Phase 10 which is one of those blast from the past games which we had never actually played. It was so nice to get to spend the evening and catch up with Chris and Christie.

Perry looked super cute Saturday in his moose outfit.

And had a nice lazy Saturday morning with his books

Perry of course loved watching Ben play ball and getting to hang with family on the sideline

Sunday we had a great morning at church and got to go out to lunch with the lifegroup. Then we came home and Perry and Andrew took some long afternoon naps while I went outside and ran 8 miles. It felt awesome to go that far (the furthest I have ever gone) and I now feel slightly more equipped for the 15k I am running this weekend in Atlanta. I might actually cross that 9.6 mile away finish line. My legs were killing me today, but in a good way.

Sunday evening we got to go meet up with Dedra and her sweet family for dinner at Phil Sandovols. We haven't seen Dedra since she moved to South Carolina several months ago. It was so so great to see her and get caught up on life and Becca's wedding plans. We so need to plan a long weekend up to SC to see her. Dinner was yummy and Perry was in heaven...mexican is his favorite. Queso is my favorite...and given my RunKeeper app said I burned 782 calories running that afternoon...I ate that queso guilt free!

Perry loved all the attention and snuggle time with Dedra.

I told you our weekend was pretty much eating with friends...and napping...and running 8 miles. And it was awesome. 

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