Wednesday, January 29, 2014
I mentioned it briefly, but wanted to talk a little more about what took me to Montgomery for the large part of the last week. The Educational Outreach team at HudsonAlpha travels to different parts of the state each year to host two day professional development workshops for high school life science teachers. The plan is to be in each region of the state once every two years with new content and activities to share. This workshop was all about the cell cycle and cell division.

We got ourselves and our supplies all loaded up early Tuesday morning and headed south.

It was a fantastic couple of days. We were joined by 100 educators from across the region many of whom were new faces to us. The state archives building graciously allowed us to use their space and it was just beautiful. I loved being able to look out the window and see the state capitol. The mornings were early. And coffee was our best friend.

The last item of business at a GREAT workshop is the passing out of tubs. Tubs of materials for the educators to take back to their classrooms. By this point we have it down to an art form and can get teachers through the line and on their ways in just a matter of minutes. Which was good since it was just a tad cold outside.

We made it home to HudsonAlpha about 8 last Thursday night, got the u-haul unloaded (also in record time) and I came home to sleep a while before Perry and I headed to Atlanta the next morning.

It was one very busy, but very good, week.

Now we are settling back into a normal routine at home and work. I am off today with the baby boy and we are just playing at home and staying warm. And saying prayers for everyone just a stones throw south of here that are still stranded and dealing with the ramifications of yesterdays winter weather.

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