New Year Bucket List

Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Happy New Years Day!

I love the start of a new year. It feels like things kind of reset and you get a fresh start. And you get your house back from all the Christmas decorations and clutter (even though I love them with all my heart in November and December, by January 1 I am ready for them to go). 2013 was a fabulous year so I am a little sad to see it go, but excited about what 2014 has in store for our family and all the experiences we will have and memories we will make. 

I don't usually make resolutions. Mostly because I really don't like failing at things and I think that resolutions often set yourself up to fail. So I am not calling this a list of resolutions, but more of a bucket list of things that I would like to try to accomplish in 2014. No huge pressure or stakes because even making it partly or mostly through the list would be awesome. Some things are personal, some are philanthropic, some are work related and just plain nerdy. 

This year, I would like to:
  • Run 1 half-marathon. Done. Princess half marathon in Walt Disney World, February 2014.
  • See 2 movies in the theater (which would be 2 more than I saw this year). Done. Frozen with Kristen and Saving Mr. Banks with Andrew. And January is not even over.
  • Read 3 fiction books (which would be 3 more than I read this year)
  • Take 4 weekend get-aways (1. Nashville, March 29-30)
  • Host 5 parties (1. Perry's first birthday)
  • Plan 6 play-dates
  • Try 7 new restaurants
  • Visit Burritt 8 times
  • Participate in 9 philanthropic activities (1. Care Center 5k)
  • Learn 10 new dinner recipes
  • Watch 11 new movies at home (1. Wreck it Ralph)
  • Make 12 DIY projects from Pinterest (1. Disney countdown, 2. Love handprint/footprint art, 3. St. Patricks day printable)
  • Donate 13 (atleast) items of clothing
  • Send 14 unexpected cards or letters
Did you catch the subtle (or not so subtle) nod to '14 with those?

Here's a few more for good measure that didn't fit neatly into my ascending number list:
  • Read one genetics-related article each day (even weekends)
  • Learn to use photoshop elements
  • Learn to take pictures with my DSLR not on "automatic" mode
  • Work on my iPhoto organization
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Daily bible study and prayer time (if I do nothing else, I want to accomplish this one)
  • Re-do the pantry and laundry rooms
  • Be better at remembering birthdays
  • Turn my 2013 blogs into a blog book
And the time it took to come up with this list was the drive home from the mountains I am sure I made some pretty significant oversights in areas of my life I want to accomplish more in. But it will be a good compass to check back with throughout the year, and it speaks to my personality that likes to make lists and check things off.

I asked Andrew what he wants to work on this year and after some careful deliberation he said he wants to be better about cooking dinner on days he is off. Sounds like an awesome and yummy plan to me. And seriously we need to start eating better and at home more now that Perry is eating what we are (that makes you think twice about eating at Chickfila for the 3rd time in a week). :)

Here's to 2014!

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