One final Auburn gameday

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Our beloved tigers fought a good fight last night in the BCS national championship game (the last one since the NCAA is moving to a play-off situation next year) and ultimately came up with just a couple points too few when the clock struck 0:00. It was a good game and we led through most of it, not too shabby for a 8.5 point underdog that was ranked #42 in the pre-season polls (and didn't win an SEC game last year).

Not the outcome we had hoped for, but it really doesn't leave a bad taste in our mouths for the season. It was an incredible one full of amazing plays and wonderfully stressful games. And we still beat that other unnamed school to the west.

All I could think about last night as I fell asleep was the fact that even though we did not wind up the BCS champions, no football game can take away my diploma or love for my alma mater. No matter what I am proud to be an Auburn Tiger. War Eagle!

No trip to Pasadena to watch the game in person for us. Maybe one day we will get to a national championship game. Andrew had to work yesterday and today (but luckily found a rare bama fan pharmacist that took his evening shift from him so he could watch the game). Because kickoff was pretty much on top of Perry's bedtime, we watched the game on TV at home. But our friends Jay and Reagan came over to watch it with us and we had a great time eating Moe's bbq and hanging out with them. They are Mississippi State people, but were awesome sports and wore blue and cheered and yelled right along with us.

Gina made Perry this awesome Auburn football blanket for his birthday. It was particularly useful since the weather was oh about 5 degrees outside yesterday. Perry finally got worn out from all the football fun and just rested a while on his blanket.

Perry made it through the first quarter and we were able to snag an auburn family picture before he went to bed. I am glad he still had some Auburn attire that fit...we planned most of it for the fall. Definitely were not anticipating playing a football game in January this year. :)

And now the college football season is over. Time to start talking about next year.

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