One year check up

Friday, January 10, 2014
Amidst the arctic blast or whatever they are this week of subfreezing weather, Perry had his one year check up at the pediatrician.

He now weighs 21 lb 10 oz and is 29.75 inches long. Approximately 50th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight. He is doing great. Dr. Ellis says she regularly sees weight dip a little when kids start getting more active and learning to walk and run. I got to answer yes to all the milestone questions: walking, saying a couple words, drinking milk. He even did a little walking and did his best "touchdown" motion for the doctor and nurse. Apparently we have been a little excited about football in our house recently. Perry also can do a pretty good "boom" Coach Gus impression.

Perry got a handful of shots and took them like a champ with just some momentary crying that subsided when it was over and I could pick him up. However while he was laying there crying and totally offended that the nurse had a needle in his thigh, I did get a good look inside his mouth. His 4 teeth have now become 7 (with one more on the verge of breaking through).

We see Dr. Ellis again at 15 months and then not again until 2 years. Hopefully Perry will continue to stay well and we won't have to make any extra visits. We made it to a year with just one real sick visit which is pretty remarkable.

We are almost totally switched over to whole milk from formula. Transitions are so hard...mostly because we like to sleep and like to have a baby that sleeps. So whenever you tweak things like food intake you worry that he won't get enough to eat and wake up starving in the middle of the we have gradually dropped bottle by bottle. Last night as I was making his night bottle I realized we didn't have enough formula for this morning. Andrew was about to run out and get some and we finally decided that is time to drop the morning bottle (and leave just the bedtime one) and that he would get milk this morning whether he liked it or not. And you know what? He did just fine. So maybe I bought the last can of formula ever today...we will see how long before we get the courage to drop that last bottle. It will be a freeing thing though to wash all those bottles and store them away.

Since the weather outside was in the single digits, we stayed inside alot this week and played with all of Perry's new toys he got for christmas and his birthday. I still have no idea where I am going to put them all...but eventually we are going to have to get our living room floor back.

One thing that is currently inhabiting our living room floor is this awesome train set. The train runs around the track automatically and you can attach the tracks in all sorts of different ways. So fun! I think Andrew and I are having as much fun with it as Perry is.

Today was my day off for the week and I am thankful for having a day to play at home with this little guy. I am also thankful for my in-laws who came over to play for a little while so I could do a grocery store run without a toddler in tow.

For some reason, Perry decided that his little people school bus could also be used to transport livestock. That is a sheep hitching a ride in the back (displaced from Noah's farm).

Perry is doing so great walking and I think we are close to that being his primary mode of transportation. He is also learning to wave and can give really great hugs. One of his favorite things to do these days is to play peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek...I think he could do that for hours.

I can't believe how fast the year has flown by and that I am already writing a blog post about Perry's one year check-up. But here we are.

You are such a joy. We are so thankful that God chose to make you our son. Your smile and laugh are contagious. It is so fun to play with you and watch you explore the world around you each day. We pray that your next year will be full of love and fun and sweet family time. We pray that you will continue to grow and learn new things. And we pray that you will begin to learn about Jesus and how much he loves you.
Love, Mommy and Daddy

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