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Wednesday, January 15, 2014
It seems like during the holiday season there is an overabundance of things to blog about and about a million reasons to snap pictures and share them. Then January hits and things go back to "normal" and there seems to not be as much riveting content to blog. I literally sat in front of my computer screen earlier and racked by brain about what on earth to blog about...and all I came up with was the fact that Perry was in dire need of a bath...welcome to January.

Today was my "day off" which meant I was off most of the day sans an 8:00 am breakfast meeting. Aunt T came over and played with Perry for a couple hours so I could go into work. I am forever grateful for living close to so much family that are able and willing to help out with Perry sometimes. The meeting was great and getting to come home afterwards and play with P the rest of the day was great too.

Perry has been eating like a champ lately. No joke tonight for dinner he ate an entire container of toddler turkey and veggie ravioli, a whole pouch of yogurt and fruit, half a banana, and some cheerios to top it off. It is amazing to think that not even a month ago I was sending stressed out text messages to Emily about not being able to get him to actually swallow things.

I decided to take the camera with us to bath time small feat when Andrew is at work and I am single-parenting the bathing process. Perry started out covered in ravoili and bananas and ended up squeaky clean. It is so fun now that he can really play in the water. His favorite thing about the bath - his duck. My favorite thing about his favorite duck - the fact that it has no hole in it where water can get trapped and mildew (Boon is a genius).


I just put the sweet boy to bed full, clean and happy. Now time for some house-work, real work-work, and getting things prepped for tomorrow. Goodnight y'all.

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