Weekend in the North Carolina Mountains

Thursday, January 2, 2014
We spent the last couple of days in the rolling "mountains" near Hayesville, North Carolina with Andrew's family. A sweet neighbor of theirs offered their family's mountain "cabin" with us for the week. The house was beautiful and had plenty of room for the bunch of us to sleep, and eat and spend time together. We did lots of game playing - apples to apples, Disney headbanz, farkle, strain, wits and wagers, loaded questions, squarrels, hit or miss, and one game of nerts (because it was my birthday and I could pick) - you know all the run-of-the-mill normal family games. lol. The best part was I got to spend my birthday there and eat food and play games all day with family. I can't think of a better place to be.

Family game of Disney Headbanz

The drive was only about 3.5 hours. I had no idea you could get all the way to a portion of North Carolina in that short time. Perry did great in the car. Napped some, snacked some and read some books.

Perry, Granna and Granddaddy needed to stretch their legs (and get warm since the restaurant had limited to no central heat) when we stopped for lunch on our way up to the Mountains.
Poor baby won't keep bibs on so whenever he eats something messy he goes shirtless.

I had an awesome birthday. Perry fell back asleep after his morning bottle allowing me to get an extra hour of sleep (one of the best gifts in the world), I didn't have to change any poopy diapers (thanks Andrew) and I just got to hangout with family and snuggle with my sweet baby boy. The family also brought a yummy chocolatey birthday cake.

And we had to get a family picture on my birthday

The cousins had so much fun hanging out together. They get along really well and Ben and Kate give Perry tons of attention. Ben is amazingly sweet to him and is beginning to get really good at keeping an eye on him and keeping him safe. One of my favorite moments was when all three kiddos were watching a movie and Perry and Ben snuggled up together in a chair.

A close second favorite moment was here, when Ben, Kate and Perry were all watching something or another on the iPad together. When we asked Ben if Perry was other there with them he said: "Yes. He is annoying me...but I don't mind." Such a good big cousin!
One night the cousins all got baths together and had some play time in the big master bed. It was nearly impossible to get a good picture of the three of them because they were too busy having fun and Perry was way to busy climbing all over Kate.

On Monday we went into town to "Fun World." We had heard about this place from the family who owns the cabin and even a waiter at a restaurant where we stopped on the way up, so we had to check it out. It was definitely a world of fun. There were inflatable play areas, a jungle gym with guns that shoot foam balls, a roller rink and tons of arcade style games. It was crazy. We stayed for several hours and all had a blast playing.

One of the areas had an inflatable obstacle course. That makes for some competitive family fun. First Ben and I raced and I got schooled by a first-grader (which I blame on my height and relative disadvantage of crawling under things). Then Kate and Emily raced.

There was another swamp themed inflatable that was much more Perry's size. I don't know that Perry knew what to think of all the camo and inflatable alligators. He loved crawling around on it though.

P also got to ride a miniature merry-go-round with some balance assistance from Granna. He played hard and was in dire need of a nap and since we weren't going home anytime soon we managed to get him asleep by strolling him round and round the place. Eventually it worked and he got a good 30-45 minute catnap.

 Meanwhile, some of the adults played in the arcade.

After we had all the fun we could stand for one day we went for a dinner of local cuisine at Rib Country. The locals we met at Fun World said they had the best ribs in a 50 mile radius and that the ribs were imported from Denmark (seriously). So we had to try it out. And the ribs were pretty stinking amazing. As was the onion loaf. Which was even discussed as being better than Outback's!?!

We came home Tuesday night because Andrew had to work on New Years Day and I needed to get a whole bunch of stuff done getting ready for Perry's party. It was so nice to get away with the family for a few days. We were not totally disconnected...you could get cell reception if you stood outside (or jumped up and down on one foot in one area of the house...jk) and internet...but I tried to take a breather from to-do lists, and stress and social media for a few days. So thankful for the sweet friends that offered the house. Minus a couple of issues related to getting cars up and down the steep, wet, one-laned mountain (which are now just funny anecdote now that it is behind us), it was a perfect getaway. 

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