A weekend with no pictures

Sunday, February 16, 2014
It is Sunday night, Perry is asleep, and I am realizing that I took absolutely no pictures this weekend. None. Well with the exception of some really exciting iphone snapshots of furniture buffets and shelving that we are looking at for our pantry overhaul. It was that kind of exciting weekend.

We did get to go to breakfast Saturday morning with my daddy and aunts. It was great to visit with them over some biscuits and apple butter. At the very top of my Saturday to-do list was "1. Find a Girlscout (selling cookies)." I was becoming a little stressed that one had not rung my doorbell this year and that I might miss my narrow window to get my annual thin mint fix. But we found some, we actually stumbled upon a group selling them in the middle of the mall. FYI - did you know there is actually an app that will tell you where you can find girlscouts selling cookies? Genius.

The rest of Saturday consisted of cleaning out the pantry some, grocery shopping, laundry, and some olympics watching. After P went to bed, Andrew and I did take a break from the housework to play a competitive game of monopoly, which I lost. Boardwalk with a hotel on it will get you every time. 

This morning we had a great time at church and going out to lunch with friends. Then while Perry napped I got a 4 mile run in and started the process of packing for the princess half marathon this week. I can't wait and am so thankful for Andrew and family and friends that are helping watch Perry and filling in the gaps while I am gone.

That has been our weekend, sans pictures. I feel quite confident next weekend's picture taking will more than make up for it.

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